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Zimbabweans selling toes $20,000 amid high cost of living

Zimbabweans selling toes $20,000 amid high cost of living

Zimbabweans are reportedly cutting their toes in exchange for dollars to survive the cost of living in their country, following the nation’s economic downturn, a video seen by Ripples Nigeria, on Tuesday, disclosed.

The video posted on social media platform, Twitter, showed a man limping, with wool covering a part of his toe. He was bragging about using the money he got from selling the toe to purchase a Toyota vehicle.

It was gathered that depending on the toe sold, an individual earns between $20,000 to $40,000, making it the easiest means of generating money for many Zimbabweans who don’t have a job due to the government’s inability to create one.

According to unverified prices, small toe is sold for $10,000, middle toe is $25,000, while big toe price is put at $40,000. This comes amid Zimbabwe’s inflation rate hitting triple digit, to rise to 131.7%, it’s highest since June 2021.

It was not disclosed what the dismembered toe is being used for.

Since the war between Russia and Ukraine began, prices of cooking oil and bread have soared in Zimbabwe. Production of goods in the country has also been slowed by shortage of foreign currency to import needed raw materials.

The skyrocketing inflation rate has rendered the currency of the country, Zimbabwean dollar, weak, compelling the government to adopt U.S dollar and rand of South Africa, as its official currencies to battle the meltdown in the nation’s economy.

An anonymous Zimbabwean who spoke with Ripples Nigeria, said he doesn’t know about the cutting of toes by fellow citizens, but asked that money be given to him, before he cut his off.

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