Why women nag in relationships — respondents

Some women in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have given reasons why many of them nag in relationships than their male counterparts.

Many males assume that women have inclination for nagging if they want something done for them, an attitude that annoys or irritates the targeted person.

However, some women, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews on Sunday, said that women were only sensitive, responsive and vocal by nature.

They gave reasons such as ineffective communication, lack of understanding, and insensitive attitude of their partners, among other factors, as some of the causes of their overt and confrontational attitude.

Mrs Gloria Agbo, a media practitioner said: ”The society has stereotyped women and labelled them as the ones who nag more, when there are men that have treated their partners so rash that it makes them timid, vulnerable or even aggressive.’’

According to her, a woman nags when she is being ignored or deprived of her rights.

“ When she expects you to do what is your duty in a relationship,  and you don’t do it, despite repeated requests, it will definitely makes her nag.

“ However, I also use nagging to seek attention whenever I feel neglected or ignored, because every woman needs attention from her man,”she added.

Miss Halima Sarki, a civil servant said some women nag when they don’t get what they want despite several requests, which always elicits emotions like anger, frustration and the tendency to whine.

“ I nag when I repeatedly bring up the same issue severally in order to get an action done but do not get the response I want, which gets me angry and frustrated.

“Some women prefer things done their way, without considering the opinion of the other parties  involved, so nagging is a tactic for them until they get their way.’’

Esther Adeosun, a retired health worker said women nag more when there is lack of understanding and ineffective response to the action being communicated.

“ When there is communication breach and lack of understanding definitely the expected action would not occur, which in most cases tend to make a woman nag, particularly when it has to do with assisting in house chores.

“ I used to  nag when my children don’t do the house chores they are assigned to, expecting me to  remind them daily, which gets me angry,’’ she said.

Adeosun, therefore, stressed the need for good communication strategy, team work, mutual respect and understanding to avoid issues that would necessitate nagging.

Meanwhile, Mr Fidelis Yamai, a psychologist, said nagging could lead to a breakdown in relationship, cause a lot of fight or emotional and health problems.

“ It is detrimental to the health of the persons involved.

“ Both parties may  begin to disdain for each other, question the relationship and make them wary of seeing each other.

“ Instead of being happy and looking forward to spending time together, they begin to avoid each other,” Yamai said.

Yamai, therefore, stressed the need for proper communication, love, attention, good relationship and being supportive and taking responsibility as some of the factors that could reduce  nagging in relationships. (NAN)

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