Why is the Ijaw Nation forgetting its musical icon, late Chief Echo Toikumoh?

By Jacob Brakere Abai

Seventeen years have passed since the Nigerian highlife music scene lost one of its most influential figures, Field Marshal Echo Toikumoh. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of contemporary Ijaw discourse, his name remains conspicuously absent. This silence begs the question: Why is the Ijaw Nation forgetting its musical icon?

Echo Toikumoh’s impact on Nigerian music was profound. His melodies, steeped in the rhythms and traditions of the Ijaw culture, resonated across the nation, earning him a place in the hearts of many. Hits like “The Earlier The Better,” “Money No Dey,” and “Dance To-Night” not only entertained but also served as cultural markers, celebrating the rich heritage of the Ijaw people.

Despite his contributions, the Ijaw National Congress (INC) and the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) have remained remarkably silent on Echo Toikumoh’s legacy. This raises questions about the preservation of cultural heritage and the recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to society.

It is time for the Ijaw lawmakers in the National Assembly to rise up and honor Echo Toikumoh’s memory. Immortalizing him through legislative means would not only pay homage to his musical prowess but also serve as a meaningful reminder of the cultural richness within the Ijaw Nation..

As we reflect on Echo Toikumoh’s enduring legacy, let us not forget the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and honoring those who have paved the way for future generations. It is incumbent upon us, as members of the Ijaw nation, to ensure that the contributions of individuals like Echo Toikumoh are never forgotten.

Abai is the Publisher of GbaramatuVoice International

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