WhatsApp increases group limits to 512, adds more features

WhatsApp increases group limits to 512, adds more features

WhatsApp, a social media messaging platform, has increased the number of participants that can be accommodated in a group to 512, from 5 May 2022.

In 2017, WhatsApp increased the number of participants to 256, which remained constant till the recent update.

The messaging platform in an earlier tweet on 5, May 2022, stated that it is working on the new development to help groups and individuals achieve their aims through conversations.

“In 2011, we introduced Group Chats, and we haven’t stopped improving since. In the coming weeks, we will roll out the ability to share files up to 2GB and add more people to your groups so that you can continue creating and nurturing meaningful, private connections,” WhatSapp tweeted.

WhatsApp also added two new features already available worldwide including the reactions and increased file sharing size limit.

However, for the increased file sharing size limit, users will now be able to send files up to 2GB in size at once on WhatsApp, which is a massive jump from the previous limit of 100MB.

WhatsApp increases group limits to 512, adds more features
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Since April, the feature has been in beta, and it is finally rolling out to users.

Meanwhile, the reactions allow users to respond directly to messages on the platform with six emojis, which according to them may increase in the future without crowding the chat with individual replies.

According to 9to5Mac, a platform providing breaking coverage for iPhone, iPad and Mac users will be able to react with six different emojis on the platform: laughing face, red heart, surprised face, thumbs up, teary face, and hands together.

WhatsApp also posted how to use the feature in its FAQ on the website.

In order to use the feature, users will long-press on a message and choose one of the displayed emojis. Just like Instagram, users can change their reactions to a different one by long-pressing the same messages and changing the emoji or just clicking on the same one to remove it.

The platform also added another feature that enables participants to add 32 members on a voice call which used to be a maximum of 8.

“Now you can put 32 of your favourite people in one voice call. Sharing good news with your whole family means hearing all the joy and laughter in one easy call,” WhatsApp tweeted.

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