The traditional ruler of Gbaramatu kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oboro Gbaraun II, Aketekpe, Agadagba have vowed not to relent in his efforts of lending his voice for the actualization of the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko.

His Majesty made the vow at Kurutie community, a town hosting the take-off campus of the Maritime University yesterday during his 9 days tour around communities in his Kingdom.

The Gbaramatu traditional ruler charged members of his kingdom to always live in peace and unity among themselves, he particularly alleged that the basis of moving forward as a Kingdom is based on its unity.

Some of the communities visited by the royal father yesterday includes Pepe-Ama, Kunukunu-Ama and Kurutie communities in the kingdom.

It is however, observed that in each of the communities visited by the royal father, prayers of prosperity was always offered for the growth and development of the community.

Meanwhile the various communities have through their leadership also used the avenue to expressed developmental issues bothering the communities by drawing the attention of the traditional ruler to add his voice to the challenges.

The chairman of Kurutie and its federated communities, Mr. Monday Torusei, speaking on behalf of the community speak among various issues talked about the possible revival of abandoned road project.

The address read in part. “Aketekpe, Agadagba, we crave your indulgence to inform you of some major projects being abandoned in Gbaramatu kingdom by Governments and development agencies. The projects are road from Seitorububor-Ikpokpo. It is our appeal that your majesty with the Traditional Council of Chiefs used Royal authority on the projects for our development. We are sure, your voice is more heard and respected on the issues than us, hence this appeal is made through your council.

“Further, with due regards to your majesty, we implore the authority of Gbaramatu Traditional Council of Chiefs to prevail on individuals whose attitudes are damaging the corporate image of the kingdom. The trend of the perpetrators is becoming worrisome as they continue to forment misfortune to the kingdom, some individuals and the Take-off campus at Kurutie, which is the spring board to the Maritime University at Okerenkoko.” Mr. Monday said.

In a similar vein, the Chairman of Pepe-Ama community, Mr. Awologbi Davis have demanded for more recognition in the Kingdom.

In his words : “Pepeama community is blessed with natural resources and have also contributed to the development of Gbaramatu kingdom. The people of Pepe-ama community has been facing abandonment, marginalization, isolation and denial of political rights by the past leaders. We lack basic amenities like good education facilities, reclamation, chieftaincy title.

“Great Aketekpe you are God sent and prayer answered to us to wipe the tears of the community.  May God bless you today as you come to our land, increase your wisdom, understanding and strengthen you.

“We deeply believe that your visit today will bring an immense change and rapid response to our demands we earlier mentioned above.” Mr. Awologbi noted.

The situation in Kunukunu-Ama community is not different as the chairman, Chief Moses Bebenimibo seek inclusion of the community to benefit from the OML 42, being controlled by Kantu community.

Chief Bebenimibo particularly appeals to his Royal Majesty to wade onto the matter.

It read in part : “We would like you to put an to the deprivation we daily suffer in the hands of Kantu community in respect of OML 42. Just as we benefit from OML 64, we are supposed to benefit equally from OML 42 but our neighboring community, Kantu has been our obstacle as they don’t want us to benefit from it. As a peace-loving community, we would not like to resort to violence as an avenue to benefit from OML 42. We would like you to fruitfully engage the Kantu community over this matter and put an end to our deprivation in the hand of our sister community.” Chief Bebenimibo alleges.

Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper further learnt that the Pere of Gbaramatu, will continue his tour on Monday by visiting Azama, Inikorogha and Ubafan communities in the Kingdom

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