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Underground plot to derail the new Amnesty boss discovered

…The retired major must not return to that office- Forum

..We must resist his reinstatement – Ex-agitators

An alarm has been raised by the Forum of the Niger Delta ex-agitators, that they have uncovered an underground plot by one retired Major to destabilize the planned programmes of the new Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Prof. Charles Dokubo

The Ex-agitators stated this recently in a statement signed and issued by its Public Relations Officer, Mr. Augustine Egba and made available to our correspondent in Abuja.

The group through the release claimed that this former staff of the Amnesty offices was the then head of the education department but has now gone ahead to be concocting falsehood in his bid to return to the Amnesty Office.

Fresh in their memory the Forum alleged is that the retired Major, have been falsely parading himself as the Chief of Staff in the Amnesty Office

The ex-militants who have been enlisted in the second phase of the Programme, therefore, urged the unnamed retired military officer not to derail the peace process in the Niger Delta.

According to the statement, this retired Major was among those who ruined the Amnesty Office under the former Coordinator, Paul Boroh. He was the Head of the Education Unit where all sorts of scam where perpetrated.

“They ruined that office together and the new Coordinator, Professor Charles Dokubo, since his appointment has been working round the clock to fix the place and this retired Major thinks we will sit back and allow his return to mess up the place again? We will not allow him to work in that Office again, the Group added.

“Further details about the retired Major reveals that he is a chronic liar fond of posturing that our beloved NSA, General Babagana Mongonu is his godfather; a  claim we have since discovered to be false as the revered NSA Boss does not know him.

“But the curious thing about this imposter the statement added,  is his being treated with kid gloves by the inter-agency team in the NSA’s Office that was charged by the President to investigate Boroh’s tenure as Coordinator of the Amnesty Office.

 In the same vein, the statement further explained that this retired Major was deeply involved in the compromising of the database of the Amnesty Office as Head of the Education Unit.

 “A case in point is the 140 Itsekiri students illegally placed in Novena University in Delta State. The Group particularly stated that their grouse against the retired major is the style adopted in including these 140 persons in the amnesty Programme without consulting the usual leadership in the Niger Delta region or the FG.

“These persons were never enlisted in the Amnesty Programme and they are unknown to the Amnesty Office. They were just picked unilaterally by this retired Major and placed in these schools by this Retired Major after collecting huge sums of money from their unsuspecting parents.

“And just because he wants to cover up his nefarious acts, he is scheming his way back to the Amnesty Office, we will resist it, the Forum foamed.

Buttressing their position further, the statement which read in parts stated thus; “The former Coordinator, Paul Boroh has since told us that the release of that money to the retired Major did not follow due process and we are aware that no one needs more than N8 Million Naira to screen 1,500 students”.

Against this backdrop, the Forum insisted that this retired Major properly accounts for this huge sum of money he collected illegally from the coffers of the Amnesty Office under Paul Boroh.

“He is now all over town boasting to all and sundry that the inter-agency team investigating Boroh is in his pocket, that he tells them who to investigate, that if they don’t allow him to return to the Amnesty Office, he will tell them to start investigating persons close to the new Coordinator.

The furum  finally stressed that the NSA is a very good friend of the people of the Niger Delta and we have been working very closely with the NSA to support President Buhari, but, he should not allow this retired Major who worked in the Amnesty Office and whose ways are not clean, to continue to sully his good name, the Group concluded.

By Brakerebina Birinimighan

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