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TRUE LIFE STORY! How I lost my father, husband, children and my home

TRUE LIFE STORY! How I lost my father, husband, children and my home

TRUE LIFE STORY! How I lost my father, husband, children and my home

True life account that every girl must not Fail to read

In this account, a young female Nigerian from the South South region of the country gives a graphic description of how temporal predicaments and wrong choices derailed her life journey and as consequence opened a floodgate of suffering and harrowing situation.

Why GbaramatuVoice reported this account, and recommends it as a must read for every young girl and ladies in the country is that the ingrained lessons domiciled in the account, if well drawn and utilized, will no doubt act as a road map for the reader to make informed decisions in their future life choices.

Among other numerous lessons, the piece will surely use practical examples to teach readers that ‘all that glitters is not gold’.

It is by no means a fiction but a true life story with sprinkles of temporal excitements, disbelief, pains and trepidation.

Enjoy it!

My name is Promise. I am 27 years old. My journey in life has been indeed heartbreaking. It all begins when I went for my Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB) in Sapele, Delta state, Nigeria.

In the process, I met a Security officer at one of the banks where I was waiting for the money my late Dad was to send to me for accommodation and feeding. This man offered me help because at that material time, I was so hungry and stressed. It was about 6:30 pm. The money I was expecting has not entered and I was scared because I don’t know anywhere in Sapele.

So, this naval officer offered me help that I can sleep in his place. Naturally, being security personnel, I felt I was safe with him coupled with the fact that before morning, the money I was expecting must have entered my bank account. He further convinced me by saying that the area I was standing was not safe. So, I agreed and followed him home.

When I got to his house, I was expecting to see his family but he was alone. I asked him to tell me about his life which he did.

According to him, he was at that material time 52 years and not married but had a son. That night, he had sex with me and the following morning, I went for my examination. And just the morning after my examination, I was off to Warri. When I was going, he gave me his contact that I could reach him.

We kept communicating but three weeks later I noticed that I was pregnant. I told him, and he was so happy about the development and begged me not to abort the child. He promised to see my parents I was so scared because of what my parents will say as he was an elderly man.

Finally he convinced my parents that his going send me to school and we got married

After our wedding, I noticed some hidden truth about him.

He had an adopted daughter. the mother was the one that took care of his son when the relationship got bad

I never knew all this, as time goes on, I noticed he had a relationship with this lady and they went their separate ways because the woman could not conceive. After that encounter, he met another , this time around,a Yoruba lady. Same thing happened before I finally meet him.

As a child then, he took very good care of me. He provided everything I needed. I was still in school then.

Immediately I gave birth, he moved me from The school I was (Anambra state university (Ansu Igariam Campus ). He promised to transfer me to another university which he never did.

Instead, he suggested that I should learn something else so I chose Catering.

My heart was broken because he lied to me about my education which I never completed. That was how/where the whole issues started.

We started fighting. Then, he was still in Sapele while I was in Calabar alone. For so many months, he won’t come home due to his job. The time he comes home, he does not have my time as he would want to rest. I love attention, pampering and care. But all these I could not get and things changed.

I was so jealous and I do things to make him feel jealous too to get his attention, none worked.

Two years later I was pregnant for my second child and life became unbearable. I don’t see my husband anymore since I got pregnant until I gave birth. When I gave birth, he came, spent two days and when back to his base and the next time I saw him was when the child was six months old.

During the naming ceremony of my son, his friend was the one that stood as his father. I hated him for that from that day. I concluded he was not true to me. I concluded that he never loved me. I became so depressed and lonely. I started smoking, I tried going out with my kids where I meet some bad friends.

They visit me; we drink smoked and even party together.

At this point, my marriage was on fire. There is nothing I do that seems right anymore to my husband; he was a total stranger now. I became so bitter with my life; I tried committing suicide twice. It was my son that saved me with his cry.

I was so lonely and frustrated that finally, he invited me to Abuja where he was transferred to. I came with my kids because the whole issue was serious. I didn’t know that was the beginning of the troubles.

I always call my parents and cry to them that his not treating me right. They asked me to always pray which I did.

So I noticed something strange; the lady he said he had nothing to do with, that she just helping him to take care of his son; they communicate and he sends him huge amounts of money to her, pay her house rent and other bills.

They discussed like couples. I will tell my mom and she will always say that’s not true. it was later that I discovered that they were married before but only separated because she couldn’t conceive.

My family in Abuja invited her over and he denied everything. That time, I was 19th years. They used me so much until I couldn’t bear it anymore

One day I was frustrated I packed my luggage and left. He never stopped me. I cried my soul out on the street of Abuja

I knew nobody in Abuja. I was on the street for two days. He never called me or asked my parents where I went.

I thought about everything and decided to come back to the house because of my children. I actually missed them. while at home, I overhead his personal security detail inform him on the telephone that I was back at home. And just immediately, he came back home and throw all my belongings out ; took my Naval identification card from me. I was left with nothing on the streets of Abuja. I went to my uncle’s house, he also threw me out.

I slept in an uncompleted building for two nights. I had no money with me and have nowhere to go.

Then, I meet this taxi driver which offered to help me if I should sleep with him. I did and he gave me some money. I sold my telephone and joined the money to travel back to my parents in Anambra state. my children was taken away from me.

My late father called him he never picked his call until my father died.

After two weeks I heard the lady that denied having a relationship with him was back to his house taking care of my children.

Till today as I speak, it’s four years and I have not set my eyes on my kids. Both of them (my husband and ex-wife) planned and used me because I was only a child .

No one to fight for me

My family is very poor I have already lost my dad two years now.

I am left on the street to suffer and die just because I have no one to fight for me.

I made so many mistakes

My smoking habits were terrible I did some other bad stuff to survive on the street. I believe he knows and never cared to do anything about it.

My advice to female children out there is that they should not hurry into anything no matter where you’re from and no matter alluring it may appears.

I thought I was doing my family good by living so that the burden on my mom will reduce.. But no, I was only destroying my life

Up till date I am still trying to survive on the street.

I lost my father, husband, children and my home.

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