Tompolo’s fight against oil theft, a snuff on the nose of Nigerians

Update on how Tompolo’s Tantita is improving the nation’s economy, making Niger Delta region livable

Tompolo’s fight against oil theft, a snuff on the nose of Nigerians

By Enaibo Asiayei 

For the bleeding economy to resurrect, there must be a battle for a man who has proven moral and sacred emblem of integrity, selflessness, true to self, focus and determination without fear of the unknown bullets of tomorrow. Yes, someone must be an example for others to follow.

The preparation has been placed on him before he was born. So many conspiracies and noise from brothers, neighbors and friends, but it is an armless battle of economy saboteurs.

Some will clap, some with tears, that is how battles has been since there is a fight. Resources battle of oil theft and the path to national security.

People have started sneezing at my backyard in the Niger Delta region.

The cock crow on oil theft against the local on environmental pollution and military gun boats positioned at all the creeks were on duty post of collection, within their mind, who Nigeria help? They leave their primary assignment and only asked us to raise all our hands upon our head, as if there was a war, the men on uniform, snuff on their Nose, no one could hold his nose any more, sneezing and running. Tompolo is coming, run for your dear life, if you are a complicit, collude in oil theft, run Tompolo is coming.

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All the feigned personnel against Akpofire are now in perpetual hunger like flood victims from Bobougbene Community, gun boats at the entrance of pipelines are now sneezing.

Yes, I was afraid when Oweizide Ekpemupolo point directly to the uniform men in the Niger Delta region and the conniving business, there is total silence that not the locals alone are the perpetrators of this crime but those we know, that we know, but all their fingers were against the Host communities, today, there is total silence on the Sea.

Tantita security services NIG Ltd, the telescopic eyes mounted at the sea, both those who had chased him before when he was running for Safety are now on the run.

In few weeks to come, the world will witness voluntary retirement from service, such people I do not know their names because I am afraid and I am not Tompolo.

Tompolo Tantita will not spare you, for his mission is to save the Nigeria’s Economy.

Those who set up the masquerade are afraid of the direction the masquerade is going, Amaseikumor, the King of all masquerade was assigned for a national assignment.

Fear engulfed the region, all the sectors, the right of way they used to deceive the people not to go into their pipelines for covering up illegalities, protocols are broken, men at work are now men on the run.

Run for your dear life, if you are into oil … Tompolo is coming from the creeks to the sea.

Aso Rock fevered, the Lord of the Niger Delta region is coming to Save the Nigerian economy.

The pot of sharing formula is broken.

They were looking for sincere men to fight corruption, that those who were fighting corruption is now running for Safety; no, your sincerity is too much to be with us.

It only takes faithful men to serve Deities, because deities are sincere oracles, no one plays with their rules, not even the Chief Priest, any deviation, death penalty, and Tompolo who has served deities of his ancestors for years and build munificent temples for them will not take any assignments for granted, you asked him to come and protect your facilities? Then oil theft complicit should be on the run or confess, for Tantita Oracle is coming.

Amaseikumor is coming, Tompolo and his spiritual Tantita security services company is coming, run for your life.

Tompolo’s fight on oil Theft, A snuff on the Nose of Nigerians, confusion loose upon Nigeria, business men too are not safe. What a fight? The economy is laughing, individuals are weeping? Why did they choose Tompolo? Why is this Masquerade dancing beyond our expectations?

DPR too is not safe, IOCs too is not safe, the evil spirit of oil dev. Collectors on uniform too are running, collaborators to bombard the innocent communities are been mobilized to Protest against Tompolo are on the run.

King of the waters is coming, Oweiseimor Sarabobouwei is coming.

Why Bini-ebi Madinorbo Deity watches over the sea operations, Tompolo watches over the creeks.

Some in high ministries are celebrating, some are weeping, the source of sharing of money is coming to an end.

The operation crocodile on the Niger Delta region for oil surveillance and deposit money into their banks by the personnel through our poor boys as drivers are no more.

The River suddenly become pure as floating crude oils adrift away.

When someone is working, the results are visible.

I foresee hunger and debt ravaging men and women like flood victims. Let this empire become inclusive so that anonymous debtors could pay their debts.

Tompolo is government, and as the president of the creek Republic, Nigeria is safe to invest in developing all the Communities where all these pipelines passed through with Bridge, road network, good schools, hospitals, electricities, and human capital development in the Niger Delta region. Now that Tantita security services NIG Ltd has saved them from recession, in return, we deserve the pay back with visible measure of development from the Nigerian government to the Niger Delta region.

Yes, there is massive employment of youths into Tantita, yes, the oil companies, they said our people are not qualified, but today those unqualified youths recruited by Tantita security services NIG Ltd is saving the Nigerian economy and the Multinational. Such is the irony of life.

Let the International communities should come and witness this, that our terrans are no longer difficult to access as those from Abuja with that English in their mouths are constantly touring round the creeks to save the country as Tompolo did.

Unusual waters springing out from their Nostrils as Tompolo fights against oil theft move beyond Akpofire, who is safe?

The man is too committed, this is what fighting corruption should be, we must join hands and hope for the best and cover our injuries as the battle unfolds from the high seas.

This is the new blue print to Negotiate more Development in return to our region, Let us calm our aggrieved nerves to winning this battle and drop our spoons as the big fight unveiled the real actors of oil theft.

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