The unknown Tompolo and the Haulers

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke

Sequestered from the world of claims and ego
Tompolo sits on the sacred seat in the forest, away from the thorny pleasures of life;
From his sacred seat he moulds a new world,
A new world welded by men with new ideals and codes of togetherness;
From his sacred seat he acknowledges cheers from a queer world of demonic detractors now baptised as core believers, fulsome in their solidarity songs and footwork for Tompolo.

The haloed Tompolo sees both the bad and the good in their cheers, yet a father to all, glued only to the mystic sieve to tell the full story within the camp of karma.

The camp of karma tells true story without harm.
The camp of karma is Tompolo’s camp once wanted without a cause.

Tompolo smiles at all cheers and smiles like the camp of karma that smiles at all without malediction.

A good man is announced by deeds of yesterday, not by toadying songs and footwork of today;
A good man or bad man is a merger of a past lived when there was no rosiness and a present full of rosy flowers.

No good or evil can hide from the eye of a mystic,
A mystic domiciled in a sacred forest while detractors disseminate deadly stories about the mystic.

True judgement comes only after all the deadly drums are dead and calm
It seems the judgement is come in full…

They are the haulers…
Once from their heart-depth they want Tompolo dead though they are today the hailers
Tompolo’s haulers now turned Tompolo’s hailers in the twinkle of an eye.

The stars and the moon know the haulers and the hailers of Tompolo even if you are not yet named.
No camouflage of haulers can clean off the sticky substance of the haulers now turned the tireless hailers.

To name Tompolo’s haulers should not be your pastime, brother! The haulers and the hailers have merged as Angels in rosy colours.
The camp of karma is at work to count the haulers and the hailers at the right time.

A man at home with the language of the gods as decreed by the cosmic…
A man attuned to the rhythm of the gods…
He is the one called Tompolo…
Even with the cheers of the haulers and the hailers at your doorstep,

The haulers and the hailers for whom the camp of karma is at work, I wish you a happy company with the gods and the cosmic in every season of your engagement!

Enewaridideke, writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State.

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