The unknown fisherwoman in the Niger Delta 

The unknown fisherwoman in the Niger Delta 

By Asiayei Enaibo

Don’t crane your eyes away from this story I have to tell you or do not blame me of the length, but when was the last time you heard from your mother? Ama-lagha; I have your mother’s story from the canoes of this deep tides like the days of Timiebi Maika Ekanpou.

I am not different from this woman who left her offspring to berth on the middle of the river on canoe, her net tied against the canoe under the heated sun, face closed against the hotness of the day, what a way to survive in the creek?

I see my mother’s face closed against the sun like when we were much younger, my mother has gone to the river, sometimes returned home without a catch of fish in a bitter face, with all her Suffering, the philosophical King Robert Ebizimor still sung a song of “Sayeregha”and all the garri sellers will remind my Mother King Robert Ebizimor’s song, they will not sell their garri on credit, what a bitter day?

Women are the strongest people in this wide, wide world, the pains of nine months, the labour days of tears, then continue this labour to feed us, are women not the heroes of this world?

What could she be dreaming on this hot day on this canoe?

What could be her fate if a restless speed boat driver in poor mind set too couldn’t see her floating canoe?

God forbid!

How long will the children wait at home if their mother didn’t return in the expected time? Yes that was how my mother Late Mrs. Maku Asiayei died in Bilazigha forest while we were waiting to feed from her hard labor but what we saw, mother returned lifeless from the forest of her occupation, could this be Maku again?

Are they going to asked the same river bird in JP Clark’s Streamside Exchange Poem?

No let the water elements watch over her well being for her safe return.

What a deep day to women all over the world?

A day with the King of Ogulagha, the Ebenanaowei, Agbonu, Pere Capt. J.I Timiyan in several seasons, repeatedly echoed the deep pains of women on how his mother fend for her Children, on the deep seas and creeks of River Forcados, a nostalgic, that is the passion the king hold in high honor to women nationwide, Agbonu in honor of his mother hold this deep respect for his kingdom women for they her seen as goddess with inestimable value to the human society.

How can I find this woman if my readers asked her whereabouts? My lens at GbaramatuVoice should be hold responsible.

Today an unknown fisher woman toiling on the heated day, while I drove pass her with my camera lens at GbaramatuVoice to tell the story of the sleeping fisher woman with a locally made umbrella prepared against the sun and rain, now drowsy in reverie seeing many fishes on her net and she woke up, it was just a dream full of hunger.

I do not even see the corner of her face, or could she be a Bobougbene woman?

No fish was seen bobbed up as a sign of hope that she will get a catch, what happens if this hot day goes in vein? What will this woman eat with her children, maybe her husband has gone to play draught in Ayakoromo Etele, while the Tamarau “a woman that creates” is busy praying to God or gods for a fish in the river.

What happened if the fishes have also gone to have a general town hall meeting till evening and they didn’t return till her net move against the tide?

I silently shed tears, turned my face away from the direction of this unknown fisher woman, I can’t bear the pains of her sorrows, Bini-Ebi Madinorbo, the goddess of Tompolo show your kindness upon her net, let the river favour her, Bini-Ebi Madinorbo, let your tenderly passions deep catch on this mother for she has come to feed her offsprings.

Maybe she is praying in the name of the God of Samylo to help her today where she can sell some fish to buy garri and if there is no catch, then double tragedy,, no garri at home and no fish catch what a day full of pains in the creeks of the Niger Delta region?

Yes, let this day favour us, as the fisher woman toils, I also tolled in same manner as a Niger Delta Journalist in the creeks and waters.

Two left their families to hustle in the hot, hot day, one in deep pain, while one forgot his sorrows to pray for another on the water to bless her trade, deep moment as Ijaw people’s occupation.

God let what Jesu’ told Peter happen to this unknown fisher woman who has sacrificed her day on this hot sun to feed her household
So that Talking Drum can breathe in happiness as my pains overwhelmed her sorrows.

The unknown fisher woman on Ayakoromo River, floating to river Forcados if there is no rewards to her net while the children weep in hunger at home.

What an hero to the survival canoes in the creeks of our forefathers?.

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