The prayers of Agadagba to Ijaw nation as the new year begins 

By Asiayei Enaibo

As the New Year begins, every altar, in all faiths, made their religious solemn prayers for protection, peace and divine blessings of the land as a way of cross over to 2022 and leave behind 2021; what was not done, will be fulfilled in 2022, yes, prayers are sacred words addressed to God or gods as petitions.

Like churches have popes, bishops and pastors, and the Muslims have Imams to see to the affairs of their religious practice, in the Temple of Gbaraun Egbesu, African ancient faith, Agadagba, who is the traditional ruler, is the head of the Temple that commune with the Egbesu deity, symbolically the Art of God and communicates directly to the temple, the petition of the worshippers as they come with their sacred offerings.

Tompolo at the temple

On the 1st of January 2022, Tompolo, the Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom, and worshippers in Warri South West LGA of Delta State, began their Gbaraun Egbesu Thanksgiving Service at the Sacred Temple of Gbaraun Egbesu where worshippers came in multitude to thank the gods for a fruitful  journey ahead of the year; hands full of appreciation, money, drinks, rams were sent forth to Agadagba to speak to Egbesu the language of the gods which only the purest of heart  can do and it is only the king, Agadagba, that does the prayers for the blessings of the land and the petitioners.

The temple accepts all faiths across the world — both muslims, christians and others can come in to drop their prayers for what God has done for them. Politicians, business tycoons, men who seek power of justice and peace will be at the Egbesu temple for the manifestation of Egbesu divinity in a form of wealth, success, fruit of the womb as the Agadagba decrees their petitions.

Believers of Egbesu presenting their request

The Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom, Agadagba Aketekpe, Oboro Gbaraun 11, prayed for all the believers across the world as the New Year began as he spread his hands forth to the water, the land, the air for Gbaraun Egbesu, Ibolomoboere

to bless all those who came, knelt, postrated before the altar of Egbesu Deity, the god of natural justice, peace, and wealth, with one problem or the other for Egbesu be their solution, for peace, love, unity, and development to spread to all parts of humanity as those who speak to the receiver of the drinks; as he will take the message to Agadagba the way Angels take our prayers to God, Agadagba, Tompolo is the link voice.


Yes, the messenger presents such cases, prayers to Gbaraun Egbesu, the corresponding results will unfold to those who seek blessings as it is a  divine law to ask and it shall be given. This is  practically so at Gbaraun Egbesu Temple as the New Year begins. Agadagba has spoken to both children, women, men and elders.

After the thanksgivings, the money that was brought by the worshippers will be shared to all who came, then the rams were cooked for all to eat and drink, at the Gbaraun Egbesu Temple; nobody takes any money home in the name of treasury for the treasury neither belongs to Agadagba nor Tompolo; it belongs to the worshippers to be shared among them. This is one of the holiest practice of love and charity, and everyone eats what they have brought forth for thanksgiving.

Drum beat, singing and dancing  celebration took over the arena to celebrate the new year as worshippers shout Happy New Year. Lastly, the Agadagba concludes his oweigbele and closes the prayers section and departs to his royal palace.

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