The political lucifers, by Ekanpou Enewaridideke

That Jonathan in the Delta


Strategically placed from the North to the South and from the East to the West of the universe and vice-versa are political haulers by whom adamantine followers and defenders of political leaders/political office holders are hauled willy-nilly into pitiable dungeon-like living conditions established as the centres for the production and supply of the survival and sustenance ration for political office holders who are the originators of the politics of economic attrition as the sworn political ‘Lucifers’ of this manipulated generation of dedicated followers and inveterate political Lucifers though there are political leaders and political office holders who are exceptions to this by their acts of commitment to the politics of development and empowerment irrigation. Deep as the stinging sensation from this deliberate reduction is, the unyielding followers feel currently opiated by the sure eventual visitation of corresponding karma upon the political Lucifers at the appointed time. Could the waiting karma therefore be the opium of followership-servility in this manipulated generation?

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The politics of economic attrition is the theatricalised obsessional dance of some designated political actors. Those are the heartless murderers of the transformational ideals of politics. To these ideologised promoters of economic attrition, the economic retrogression of their followers is the ritualised medication for their psychological, economic and political stability and advancement in their calibrated political careers. Sadly, the ideologised promoters of economic attrition do not even care to know that this disgusting thing called economic attrition has become such an archaism in this digital age that selfishly holding unto it for eternity could only produce devastating karmic results in seasonal electoral communications.

Carrying no burden like the burden of a pachydermatous skin found in pangolin, for victims of economic attrition their hope lies in the seasonal electoral communication because it is the ideal time to release the sound bite that the advocates of economic attrition have become such excrement nobody is willing to transact political business with. Yet the virus of political attrition shamelessly traverses the world without the knowledge that its karmic season of great harvest is May 2022 and May 2023.

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Lest I forget, the directional echoes are still everywhere – the directional echoes of that great philosopher called Timiebi Maika who contends that when political actors are intimidated and disgusted by the economic and political advancement of their ‘mumu’ followers and engineer the framework and mechanism to end the advancement and reduce the mumu followers to puppets subject to be drawn theatrically to attain the targeted political objective of the political actors in every electoral cycle, using the systematic pauperisation of their created puppets as the raw material for their own unimpeded growth, it is called the birth of the politics of economic attrition.

Politics anywhere on earth – Greece, Brazil, America, Singapore, Akparemogbene, Sokebulou, Akugbene, Egodor, Agbodobiri, Okerenkoko, Obotebe etc – has a propelling force. Politics droops like ‘Baafun’ leaves in the heat of the sun and dies without this propelling force. Developmental transformation is the propelling force of politics; it is this charm of transformation resident in politics that accounts for the gravitation towards politics. Over the years developmental transformation of individuals, communities, infrastructure and even the superstructure had long been firmly established as the opium of politics. Yet some very old politicians have institutionalised a politics of calibrated pauperisation targeted at the people they rely on every electoral season for electoral victories. This is sadly the paradox of politics when juxtaposed with the primary purpose of politics which is basically developmental transformation.

Dedicated practitioners who practise the politics of economic attrition like diligent legal practitioners are traceable in every political space in a democratic environment. For the political actors who are the dedicated practitioners of the politics of deliberate progressive impoverishment, they have a covert mechanism perfected over twenty years ago though unknown to their core believers/supporters. They had either a governorship or presidential ambition nursed twenty years ago. Towards the actual birth of this so-called ambition, they had to swear to an oath in the privacy of their shrine that none of their supporters would be given an opportunity to grow politically and economically above their political bosses. This dangerous resolve of the political actors is an emanation from the proverb that the Okra plant can never grow above the owner or the planter who planted it – a proverb that is at odds with the realities of existence on earth.

Towards creating a semblance of sensitivity to the plight of the supporters of the so-called insensitive political actors, the devoted supporters are deservedly rewarded with low political appointments; for others they are grouped and given a single contract – a contract they are too financially incapacitated to execute and so they end up selling it to a full-time contractor to buy. After the sale of the so-called contract, each goes home with one million naira or less. Even with the one million naira each has been entitled to, they have to contribute money and give to their OGA Political head who made it possible for the contract to come as a reciprocal appreciation from the believers. Beaming with smiles of reciprocal recognition from his systematically pauperised mumu followers, the so-called Oga political head would claim it without a prick of conscience – but rather disgustingly full of self-congratulations on his seasonal systematic contractual magnanimity!

Few months after the contractual largesse or even in the freshness of the low political appointments their political boss has been radiantly magnanimous to create for them with a visible high proportion of self-exhibitionism, they are seen running to the boss for financial boost and assistance because what they have is not enough for them to attain reasonable amount of economic independence. The political bosses are silently excited in their hearts that they have economically turned their own undying supporters into puppets they can draw from time to time for theatrical entertainment in politics. The support base for the political boss is always full and strong as long as the believers are systematically kept hungry and economically rootless.

The politics of economic and political rootlessness of the supporters has to be sustained until the election season arrives. In the full flush of the election season the political boss becomes the only aspirant for his desired elective office office because there is nobody to challenge the boss however the dismal performance history in the past years. Even if it is the office of the governor or president that is desired, the road carries no barricade or encumbrances because the anticipated obstacles had long been futurologically cleared through the politics of calibrated pauperization, progressive impoverishment, economic rootlessness and political rootlessness.

With a Buddhist enlightenment or knowledge full as the full moon seated in the sky, for the apostles and advocates of this retrogressive political philosophy of followership-management, they are quick to plug or clog any opportunity where their supporters are likely to be given either a juicy contract or juicy political appointment carrying the probabilities of rapid economic transformation of the individuals. Such political bosses are the political Lucifers of our time. Again, for the advocates of this retrogressive politics, they are so professionally pretentious in their public persona that you can hardly identify them as the political Lucifers of our time.

A danger hangs perpetually on the necks of the political Lucifers who prioritise the economic and political rootlessness of their supporters. For these political Lucifers none of their core supporter or family member can give them one million naira as a supportive donation for their senatorial, governorship or presidential drive/ambition. Because none of their supporters or family members had been radiantly empowered long before the election, the boss aspirant will have to rely on his pocket alone for sponsorship of his electoral ambition, and the campaign ship of the boss becomes becalmed and runs the risk of political shipwreck where the purse of the boss gets depleted midway. For advocates of the economic and political impoverishment of their supporters, let it be known that they equally run the risk of electoral failure and political oblivion the moment they lose the power to fuel their political boat from their individual pockets because their deliberately impoverished supporters and family members are too poor to rescue them.

Actually, the political Lucifers whose world revolves around the sustainability of the politics of progressive impoverishment of their supporters in both economic and political terms are electorally awaited by a death-knell karmically built. The operational duration of the satanic politics of economic and political rootlessness often covers decades without detection but bound to be discovered someday. The day the deliberate economic and political rootlessness covertly created by the political bosses is known, he or she becomes excrement to the hitherto undying supporters. Before the supporters the once inspiring cant of the boss loses its charm. This becomes the road to political oblivion and ‘DEKOOR’ because the believers have turned owls on tree branches in the forest, now ominously hooting at their once respected political bosses for the economic and political deprivation covertly let loose on them over the years while they followed their political bosses slavishly. To the hitherto mumu followers whose benevolent mumu has attained the enough-status in their moment of wakefulness, the boss becomes the leader of the coven who should be hooted at publicly and isolated.

Everything on this earth is timed. There is a time to economically and politically pauperise people so that elective political spaces will always be accessible like umbrella unfurled for you to monopolise as many times as you want because the people with the potential to give the needed correctional caution are too economically and politically disadvantaged and weak to challenge you. There is time for this retrogressive politics to rule without detection. There is also a time for the political Lucifers to be discovered and told a karmic tale in reciprocal language.

Unto the energising embrace of native chalk my heart dances now because the politics of economic and political attrition conceived and pursued sustainably against the ordinary people who wholeheartedly support their political leaders has been detected. Detected through intelligence-gathering and intelligence-analysis, the resolve of the ordinary supporters whose growth destinies were deliberately incarcerated by their trusted political leaders for decades is to see that the efforts of those political leaders are electorally thwarted as governors, presidents, senators, House of Representative members and members of State Houses of Assembly. So for aspirants in 2023 who have been discovered as advocates of economic and political rootlessness and systematic impoverishment of their supporters, they shall be electorally wounded and taught a karmic lesson in corresponding dimension viewed as a co-ordinate degree of responsiveness to the viral rampage of the politics of economic attrition in the political space.

Even without a conscious meditation channelled by Rosicrucians, Hindus and Buddhists to God for His specially solicited intervention, in 2023 there shall be no space for political Lucifers because the ordinary people are now totally disenchanted with the viral rampage of the politics of economic attrition – a retrogressive sustainability political strategy cunningly deployed over the decades by the political Lucifers of our time.This is incidentally the plane from which His Excellency Otuaro, the loyal and humble Deputy Governor of Delta State, will eagle into Dennis Osadebe House in 2023 as the stainless white eagle because he is an antagonist of the politics of economic attrition since the protagonists of the politics of economic attrition are the only electorally endangered species in the politics of any country.

Ekanpou, writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State

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