The Manifesto of Prince Eniola Ojajuni for the good people of Ondo state 2020

By Prince Eniola Joseph Ojajuni

The capacity of a man is not determined by his age, financial status, or descent but by the intelligent acumen imbedded in him.

I am Eniola Joseph Ojajuni, aspiring to serve you as the Executive Governor of Ondo State.

From childhood, I’ve been passionate about serving our people without fear or favor as I have inscribed in my heart the saying “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life”. I’d like to note that as much as I know, people do aspire for leadership role for different purposes such as publicity, financial gains, power and authority but I, Ojajuni is vying to make a complete difference in Ondo State.

The morning of change is right upon us and Ondo State must grab the alternate to our current situation. I am offering my humble self to serve the people of Ondo State better.

Highlighted below are the top priority solutions we intend to embark on.


If you will agree with me, our educational system is in a terrible state: it is all messed up with no proper management yet, we pay heavily for this.

From the pre- primary school to the tertiary level, Ondo state Education needs an uplift. We will ensure that, 39℅ of the state’s budget goes to educational sector to gradually fix the rots.

The provision of the Universal Basic Education Act will be reviewed to improve the quality and substance of our primary school Education.

Our Secondary School education curriculum needs a review and we will not leave any stone unturned.

Also, establishment of sound technical colleges and vocational centres are non negotiable.

No government can upgrade educational system without the teachers, lecturers, as well as the non-teaching staff as they all have great impact on every pupils/students that goes through them and as we all know, that, they are valuable tools for educational development. Hence, we will ensure a 7℅ salary increment for them and honour existing reasonable agreements with education staff unions like ASUU, ASUP, NASU and others.

Furthermore, the tuition fee of AAUA and other institutions in Ondo state shall be reduced to 4200 naira.


This sector is critical and demands creative thinking. As governor of the state, we will reorganize the agricultural system of Ondo state, provide direct jobs within the space of 2 years through Farm Finance and Fund Initiative (FFFI), which is a loan format that will be executed by Farmers Association of Nigeria.

My government intends to inject sufficient funds to the agricultural sector to create more agro-allied jobs for capital investment on medium and commercial scale cash crops.

We will modernize the sector and change Ondo State from being a state of self-subsistence farmers to that of medium and large scale farming state through a coordinated integrative irrigation.


One of the features of good governance is providing a quality health system for all. If given the mandate, we will have the health sector at the uppermost part of our heart and we will make available, adequate and well facilitated primary healthcare centres in all local government areas. It is our priority to substantially reduce the infant mortality and maternal mortality rate to the level acceptable by the World Health Organization.

Also, our government will invest in cutting edge technology such as Telemedicine in all major Health Centres in the State through partnership programs with communities and private sectors.

As health is important to human existence, we will create corruption free health insurance scheme to all the people of Ondo State.

The local manufacturer of pharmaceuticals will be boosted and we shall set an effective prosecution and punishment systems for those manufacturing or importing adulterated drugs to our dear State.

And we are going to upgrade all the healthcare centres in Ondo state and build for those in the rural areas across the state as well.


Obviously we know that the financial confidence of our people in Ondo State has been shattered. But this is another area we want to give a critical attention to. We shall not only going to restore the financial confidence of our people by putting in place a more robust monitoring, supervising, and regulating of financial institute, but we shall also do a proper planning on Agriculture and Small Scale Industries, to maintain sound fiscal policies that will preserve the independence of our economic team to increase the State’s GDP to at least 10-12℅ annually.

In addition, we will embark on export and production diversification including investment in infrastructure, promote manufacturing through Agro Based Industries, expand and promote sub-regional trading.

Social welfare
The government is going to empower 500,000 market women through Ondo State Investment Credit (OSIC) payable in 2years with the rate of 1.50% starting from one million and above.


Electricity has been one of the state’s menaces and we’ve researched into the power sector and discovered that many of the problems are human angles. Our government will expunge all the bad human angles and upgrade Ondo State’s power sources within 365 days to enable a minimum of 12 hours uninterrupted power supply via supply chain of three hours On and three hours Off across the state.

Also, executive bill will be initiated on unnerved billing system and sent to National Assembly for passage. It is corruption when you bill people for what they do not use.


Government has neglected youth in all ramifications. Many of our youths are talented and industrious, but no conducive environment to showcase their God given talent which is why, many are found in criminal act here and there.

If we are given this opportunity, our government shall create Ondo State Youth Source Package (OSYSP). This will center on catering for both educated and skilled youth whereby each person will have access to fund which will enable them start up a business of their choice and be monitored for a period of time by OSYSP agents.

There are strategic plans under investment whereby jobs will be available for 500,000 youth and more.

As part of empowerment and intention for job creation, we shall make 45℅ of youth as members of our cabinet and not just any youth but, youth with capacity and credibility.

Our women are as important as our youths hence we shall make 15℅ of women members of our cabinet.

Civil Servants
Lastly, we shall make provision for car loan to civil servant and this will be payable in 5 years, and our intention is to make housing loan easier for civil servant and entrepreneurs across the state by building 45,000 unity house estate across the three senatorial district;
And a proper working pension plan for all.


Our State’s level of insecurity is worse among other south west states and this is very worrisome. Our government will as a matter of urgency secure all parts necessary for the safety of our people. We will make sure we do not leave the security of our state to the hands of criminals, killers or kidnappers.

We shall urgently address capacity building mechanisms of law enforcement agents in terms of quantity and quality as this is critical in safeguarding the sanctity of lives and property.

Also, with the new sign of Amotekun Network Security Service in Ondo State, we will work in compliance and ensure effectiveness in order to protect lives and properties.

We shall establish a well trained, adequately equipped and goal driven Serious Crime Squad to combat insurgencies, kidnapping, armed robbery, ethno religious and communal clashes within our dear State.

Policy system, base on the resources available, In addressing the peculiar needs of each community, we will therefore work with the appropriate body to set and reverse when needed, boundaries of operations for each local government policy units, through new Criminal Justice Legislation to replace the Criminal Code, the Penal Code and the Police Act.

For topmost performance, our government will push for more robust support in the Security and Economic stability. We will continue to maintain close and frank relationship with partners seen fit of support.


No state or nation can live in isolation; hence, our government as a whole will make integration a priority within ECOWAS including free trade with the aim of ensuring that common tariff currency are in use by the end of my term in office, Ondo state guidance and leadership base on the size of its market force. In doing this, we will send a bill to Ondo State House of Assembly ( Ondo investment arena)


We will ensure compliance of policies and measures to halt the pollution of rivers and waterways in every part of Ondo State.

Our government will create shelter belts in all communities or rural areas especially those in the river Niger area experiencing erosion, flood or collapse of buildings.

Causes for the aforementioned shall be tackled by immediate application of town planning chart.

And lastly, we shall ensure a full compliance with town planning and environmental laws and edicts.


Our priority is to upgrade critical infrastructure to the standard of business doing in the state.
With your support, this government will establish a major international industrial park at Olokola ( OLOKOLA FREE TRADE ZONE). Attracting foreign investors to the state with the aim of creating at least 500,000 jobs through foreign direct investment.

Our goal for the Olokola free trade zone is to bring in minimum of 25 countries to invest and also ease the stress of traveling far to get such needs that would be ready available here in our state. It will also open more job opportunities for our people.

We will be bringing in investors from Morocco who are interested in sardine production also, we shall bring in investors from Jamaica, Yugoslavia, Argentina, Belgium, Russia and some part of Europe for diverse product.

Likewise, we will create an enabling environment for the investors to succeed without hindrances.

We want to market Ondo State and prove that we have what it takes to survive.

Also, we will ensure that all dead industries are revived.

Such as Oluwa glass, Okitipupa oil palm plant, Akoko tomato plant and the likes.

We want to make a difference by creating an enabling environment for our people to do business.

If we are given the opportunity to serve, we shall create a tourist centre at Araromi ( Araromi Tourist Centre).

We want to make Araromi attractive to the world thereby creating jobs for our youth, pleasure and relaxation centre for our people and bring advancement to Ondo state.

We have people that has shown investment interest in that area.

(1) 240 companies investors in Ondo state in 4years, manufacturing in different capacity that will creates almost 300,000 jobs in Ondo state.

(2)500,000 jobs for youth enterpreneurship both directly and indirectly Ondo state government in partnership with private sectors and banks.

(3). Free Education from primary school to tertiary institution.

(4). State of Emergency on Road infrastructure and model network transportation.

(5). Adequate comprehensive health care and free anti-natal care to all pregnant women.

(6). Akoko Industrial master plan for manufacturing of different made product in Ondo state.

(7)#5.8 billion to support our farmer across 18 local government in partnership with banks.

(8). Increment in civil servant salaries and adequate housing provision for 15years long term loan for housing mortgage loan.

(9). Ore International business mall;
Zone one
Zone two
Zone three
Zone four
will provide over 40,000 Jobs entrepreneurship in the state.

(10). Ore business Master plan in partnership with 19 foreign investors.

(11). Every dead industries in Ondo state will be revived.

(12). Ondo State Metropolitan Transport Agency OSMTA

a new model transportation system which will create almost 15,000 jobs in 18 local government.

(13). Ondo State Fishing Agency(OSFA) This agency will bring in 12 companies in Thailand and 5 companies from Morocco in production of sarden, in Ilaje and Ese-odo local government in repackaging our natural resources for exportation. There is no need for importation of sarden.

(14). #5.2 billion to support our market women across 18 local government in partnership with micro-finance bank and other banks to support their business.

Furthermore, Ore industrial zone, we want to make it an investment centre, we want to make Ore investment district in Ondo state and it is our duty to put in developmental infrastructures, good roads, and to have th largest MALL centre in Ore.

Prince Eniola Ojajuni

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