The epistle to Tompolo and Otuaro

The Epistle to Tompolo and Otuaro

The epistle to Tompolo and Otuaro

By Ekanpou Enewaredideke

Telepathically these encryptions,20-1-21-2-1-TPQKBO-23, which bear resemblance to Jacques Sauniere’s ‘final communication’ in Dan Brown’s THE DA VINCI CODE came recently from Timiebi the revered philosopher.These are encryptions that demand cryptological exposure for interpretative enlargement, elasticity and exactitude, and these encryptions voyage around Tompolo and Otuaro.

It is both fortunate and unfortunate to engage you at a time like this which I have not envisaged – a time the pipeline surveillance contract is being expeditiously, professionally, devotedly and meticulously executed by Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited to the growing benefits of all without any surging complaints of exploitation, dehumanisation, deprivation, underperformance and deliberate vindictive deflection from the contracted path to that of targeted perceived enemies. A commendable contractual engagement and execution it is in pragmatic terms from High Chief Tompolo!

Dear Tompolo, the whole world knows that you are my boss in varied colours that mutate every second towards the best expression of ‘bossship’in a visible transformational mould. This demands that a letter be first specially written to you if epistolary communication has compellingly become the ritualised process of communication now that my mother Timiebi is dead, hopefully awaiting final burial rites with phenomenal patience on 21 January 2023 in Oyangbene town in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State while an encrypted message,20-1-21-2-1-TPQKBO-23, long sent to Tompolo and Otuaro was only telepathically received recently after a period of dust-and-cobweb accumulation resulting from dead and dormant receptive psychic faculties not sufficiently reawakened at the time the message arrived. If it is therefore settled that epistolary communication is the communicative ritual, I should be gracefully apologetic to you for not writing a special letter to you before now. But no apologies would be offered to you for not writing a special letter to you before now because epistolary communication is not the communicative ritual sanctioned here.

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Even with the dismissal of epistolary communication here as the communicative ritual, it would send vibrations of vertigo down some people that I am still caught writing a letter to Tompolo – a phenomenon tantamount to going back to one’s vomit. It is not with impunity, pachydermatous arrogance and ‘Angonumuwan’ this communicative ritual has been broken and discarded. It was occasioned by a special communication from the underworld intuitively delivered with all the telepathic felicities resident in any world of communication.

Anchored on tradition it would be deadly and self-destructive to ignore and dismiss a special communication from the underworld telepathically delivered with the encryptions 20-1-21-2-1-TPQKBO-23. This is why I have chosen to write and unburden my mind and be free of the traditional imprecations that accompany a special communication telepathically delivered. Should Tompolo still be honoured with a graceful apology when one is confronted with the traditional demand of this special communication which goes with a curse if strangely and whimsically garnished with a man-made deflection?

The great philosopher called Timiebi Maika died on 30 August 2020 and as programmed, this philosopher will be honoured with a final burial on 21 January 2023 at Oyangbene town. Waiting for 21 January 2023, it was telepathically revealed as an encrypted special communication from Timiebi Maika that High Chief Tompolo be specially communicated to direct and put up a superlative cultural appearance at Oyangbene town on the chosen day.

A Kaleidoscope of cultural displays often ‘hegemonise’ the secular space whenever Tompolo is mystically engaged in communication with the supernatural forces for corresponding interventions. The costumes, the drumming, the singing and the dance steps choreographically rendered in kaleidoscopic fashion whenever Tompolo is engaged in meditation are such culturally and mystically nourishing sights that the great philosopher Timiebi demands they be dramatically reproduced on her final day at the command of High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo popularly ‘Tompolod’ as Tompolo because he alone has the password and the key to this cultural uniqueness,this cultural ‘Gauwa Gauwa’, the Gbaramatu Kingdom is recognised for from the cradle of civilisation.

There is always something exciting and nourishing about cultural and mystical sights.Timiebi knows this very well.These nourishing cultural and mystical sights cannot be reproduced strikingly without Tompolo’s command and presence. This is why it is demanded that Tompolo be there on that day so that the great philosopher Timiebi Maika could watch and journey finally home with the joy and pride of being dramatically and mystically ennobled by Tompolo’s presence because mystically charged dramatic ennoblement is the centrepiece of the philosopher’s encryptions.

Dear great Tompolo of Africa, a heavy burden has just been taken off my path because I have done at last what my mother Timiebi had enjoined me telepathically to do as an indelible parting mark of honour for her.

I am no longer burdened; and with all the confidence and pride occasionally displayed by lizard as a right without real entitlement, I can now journey anywhere away from the killer entanglements of traditional imprecations associated with non-compliance with this special communication because I have brought my mother’s special communication to the knowledge of Tompolo. May the supernatural forces which daily determine Tompolo’s steps be moved to move him to Oyangbene on 21 January 2023 if the auguries are rhythmically captivating like the 2022 Christmas songs of King Alfred Izonebi!

No evil eye can now capitalise on any detected mistaken or forgotten non-compliance, glare and ogle at me. The cultural uniqueness often displayed by Gbaramatu Kingdom is therefore awaited by Timiebi on 21 January 2023. And I know that Tompolo the mystic understands the mystical encryptions of this special communication from Timiebi much more than the writer of this letter.

Another interesting component of the telepathically delivered communication reveals that His Excellency Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, the Deputy Governor of Delta State, be part of the final day in Oyangbene on 21 January 2023. It was Timiebi’s hopeful and prayerful thought that His Excellency Otuaro would grace the day as the waiting governor of Delta State but the final bell tolled told a contrary story and electorally crowned Rt.Hon.Oborevwore Francis Sheriff as the 2023 waiting Governor of Delta State – though a contrary story not rejected by Deltans but resonates with them in every breath. Even at that she demands Otuaro’s ennobling presence as the Deputy Governor of Delta State because even if the wrestling competition is lost, the dramatics of the procession still beam out captivating tunes and vibrations across the land.

Specifically, Timiebi demands that Otuaro be eventually initiated in full into all the biographical details and ‘purupuru’ of her life yet to be told, and the deputy governor being a known literary connoisseur and philanthropist, would be eventually nourished by the yet-to-be revealed details, minutiae and ‘purupuru’ of her life journey – biographical details bound to inspire and fire his philanthropic spirit, his intellectual spirit, his theological spirit and theological inclincations, into pragmatic engagement like the visitation of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost captured in the Bible.

Premised on this special communication from Timiebi Maika which has been specially delivered to Tompolo and Otuaro in epistolary language, that the great philosopher Timiebi Maika would be ennobled by these two dignitaries on 21 January 2023 is the expectation. May this special communication be fully read by High Chief Tompolo and His Excellency Otuaro for full pragmatic interpretation and transmission of the encryptions and the message communicatively intended because they are personalities whose cryptological credentials are not doubted in a matter that revolves around encryptions telepathically sent from the arcane underworld.

Because we are not quartered on a tapioca-canoe where one goes gluttonously epicurean in dance steps without restraint, it is now up to Tompolo and Otuaro how to decrypt Timiebi’s encryptions 20-1-21-2-1-TPQKBO-23, using their mystical and cryptological exposure beyond what I have done as a mere mortal without the privileged mystical and theological sophistication of High Chief Tompolo and His Excellency Otuaro. Perhaps, the decrypted encryptions may carry a mandamus cryptically communicated to Tompolo and Otuaro to send appearance signals to His Excellency Okowa, the Delta State Governor and Pdp Vice-presidential candidate, Rt.Hon.Oborevwore Francis Sheriff the waiting Pdp governorship candidate of Delta State and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar the Pdp presidential candidate for the 2023 general elections – even if for the historic purpose of being counted as a cameo coming conditionally tied to ennoblement for the departed philosopher called Timiebi Maika.

Enewarikedideke, writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State

The Epistle to Tompolo and Otuaro

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