That failed Broderick Bozimo and the great thinkers 

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke 

I have been somewhere held captive by a soothing sleep but just awakened by heavy raindrops upon my roof ‘dribbling and falling like orange or mango fruits showered forth in the wind…’ It rained like that ‘JP-CLARKED’ ‘Night Rain’ forcing mother to ‘deploy’ ‘wooden bowls’ and ‘earthenware’ about the ‘roomlet’ and ‘floor’ as a timely barricade against any possession dance the raindrops may be tempted to stage on the floor. This torrential rain is a creation of anonymous thinkers who style themselves great thinkers.

To these anonymous great thinkers, the collective move to produce Ijaw governor in 2023 in Delta State spearheaded by Chief Broderick Bozimo is a failed voyage because they have reasoned so in public language, which by their wont, they rarely do. Conceding here like Wole Soyinka in his ‘Telephone Conversation’, let us not only admit they are great thinkers, they are also great rain-makers whose raindrops weirdly kill soothing sleep and verdant vegetation.

The universal admission known to every man is that this wide world is the product of a thinking process. Thinking detects void; thinking also strategises and dismantles the void detected. Thinking precedes this world, and the world dies without thinking. For a world conscious of losing its sanity, thinking is a priceless commodity because when thinking gets stuck in a whirlpool, a characteristically calm river wears garment of turbulence to the discomfort of travellers.

That thinking is a challenging engagement had long been philosophically affirmed by the philosopher King Robert Ebizimor when he says ‘thinking is harder and more challenging, taxing, than toiling in the forest’. It was Mr. Tolu of Tuomo town who philosophically built this into the mind of King Ebizimor. Yet we will have to crave our necks, listen and consume when great thinkers hold the most logical position that Chief Broderick Bozimo and his dedicated volunteer team are on a failed journey in their bid to drum across Delta State that it is justly the turn of Ijaw person to become the governor of Delta State in 2023. No view can be more striking, logical and acceptable than this critical look timely cast at Chief Broderick Bozimo, the former Minister of Police Affairs, and his team in this world where great thinkers who think flawlessly are now thin on the ground.

We must respect, dignify, deify and kowtow to the inspiring position of these great Ijaw thinkers whose greatness lies in building into readable tapestry words rebellious to one another in their logical and structural permutation and journey across the world. As a product of their flawless THINKING DISTILLERY they strenuously couple mutinous words whose ideal communicative purpose or channel is at variance with the communicative register of their own THINKING DISTILLERY from which the words are forcefully CORRALLED and generated. Are these great thinkers kidnappers of English words?

It would be very reasonable to concede that when the ideational products of the anonymous great thinkers do not reflect the communicative register of their own THINKING FACTORY/DISTILLERY, their characterisation of Chief Broderick Bozimo and the ongoing struggle for Ijaw governor in 2023 as a failed venture must be applauded. In this applause Chief Bozimo and his working team must see an incentive to accelerate the velocity of their journey to dimensions or altitude the great thinkers would be left floundering like a loaded canoe about to be drawn ‘fiyuu’ into the fatal Egbo whirlpool in Ayakoromo River so that they will perpetually hug the air and nothingness in their romantic critical infatuation whenever they try to couple rebellious words and rebellious thought-forms to malign, disparage and soil Chief Broderick’s immaculate white raiment and torpedo the Ijaw Delta Governorship boat already on sail across the state.

Sincerity illuminates and tells a believable story and so it must be cultivated always.If we are sincerely ready to yield to history its dignified seat as a cub would to the father leopard, it must be admitted that it was King Alfred Izonebi the proprietor of the famous King Robert Ebizimor Memorial Music Studio, Yenagoa, that exceptionally gifted, multi-instrumentalist, revivalist musician who blazed a trail of pro-Delta-Ijaw governorship movement in Delta State. Rather philosophically, King Izonebi awakens the Ijaws to the desirability of having Ijaw man as governor in 2023. This message musically anchored and drummed everywhere resonated with everybody and the resonance is still in every available space of human habitation. No anonymous great thinkers of Ijaw extraction came out to fault King Izonebi’s lone struggle/agitation for Delta Ijaw governorship and term it as a failed venture. Is the present sensitization journey of Chief Broderick Bozimo different from King Izonebi’s pro-Delta-Ijaw governorship movement? Could it be said that this volte-face is a pathological product churned out by the THINKING DISTILLERY/FACTORY of the anonymous great thinkers?

It is clearly situated that through King Izonebi’s musically anchored platform the unannounced governorship ambitions of Barrister Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, Senator James Manager and Chief Hon. Braduce Angozi have been admirably foregrounded in a preparatory language signalling the materialization of the Delta Ijaw governorship dream/vision. Like the biblical John the baptist, King Izonebi has musically ploughed the ground with mechanised farming implements for any of these three personalities to plant crops as the cosmically decreed governor of Delta State in 2023 – His Excellency Otuaro, Senator Manager or Chief Hon. Angozi.

Chief Broderick Bozimo is an exposed and experienced person who had held many key appointive positions both at the Federal and State levels. He is a man of impeccable records in all his appointive engagements. He inherited the good reputation of his late father Chief Jonah Oyadongha Bozimo of Ezebiri town in Bomadi Council – a good reputation he had never soiled right from the cradle of his existence. It is therefore fitting that it is that Chief Broderick Bozimo who has become the anchor of the sensitization campaign for Ijaw governor in 2023 – a personality whose numerous achievements have become the vaccine against any virus of corruptibility and undue influence conceptualized to move him away from the 2023 Ijaw agenda.

Names do vibrate and create their own world of magnetism after years of interaction with the world.The vibratory frequencies of some names are intriguingly higher than others as it is with Chief Broderick Bozimo.Chief Broderick radiantly carries all the vibrations needed to anchor and lead the 2023 Delta agenda because at his age of 83 he has no new vision to pursue to be bartered with the Ijaw collective agenda for selfish reasons and self-aggrandisement. As Bestman Doupere would say philosophically, in terms of achievements, Chief Broderick Bozimo has ‘Brisibe-awusad’ like Brisibe Awusa of Ojobo town who had achieved so much in material and intellectual terms that he had no further vision to pursue at the time the great philosopher Bestman Doupere sang about him in a song entitled ‘Brisibe of Ojobo’. Chief Broderick Bozimo is the contextual equivalent of late Brisibe Awusa of Ojobo who has no further individual vision to pursue beyond the collective vision of Ijaw people.

Because anonymous great thinkers are at work, they spot compromise even where compromise does not exist. It must be their characteristic optical illusion and delusional thinking when they hold the position that Chief Broderick Bozimo had been compromised and so can no longer anchor the 2023 Ijaw Delta agenda because his own son Isaiah Bozimo was recently made an Attorney-General/Commissioner for Justice in Delta State. Chief Bozimo was already on the 2023 Delta Ijaw agenda before the appointment of his son as commissioner by Governor Okowa. Even with the appointment Chief Bozimo has become more dedicated to the Ijaw agenda. Where does the compromise lie here?

Governor Okowa values competence and excellence in everything he does; he appoints people who possess the capacity to drive his development agenda and pave the way for him to finish strong. He sees competence in Chief Broderick Bozimo’s son and gets him appointed as a commissioner. Governor Okowa who does not arrogate to himself the power to choose his successor has often maintained that his government is fixated on finishing strong, not ‘shopping’ for a successor because it is God’s duty to choose a governor. Governor Okowa can never be a party to any pretentious creation to deploy appointment as an appeasement tool to compromise somebody to walk on his envisioned 2023 governorship path. God’s authoritative voice and the engagement of stakeholders constitute the only path to the emergence of a governor and not through a supposedly compromised political appointment only anonymous great thinkers pathologically spot and overdramatise as their flawless creation distilled by their THINKING DISTILLERY/FACTORY.

Feebly, rather feebly, the anonymous great thinkers posit that Karma will journey and strike Chief Broderick Bozimo because his own son had been made a commissioner and he is still the anchor of the 2023 Ijaw agenda. If the appointment were compromised, he would not anchor the 2023 Delta agenda again. Because there is no compromise here, the man is still very much in charge with double dedication. Where is this baseless invocation of ‘karma’ coming from? Have the great thinkers no accurate knowledge of karma and how it works in mysticism or martinism? Is the word karma invoked to confuse and disorientate the benighted in furtherance of their insidious campaign of calumny against Chief Broderick Bozimo and the collective Ijaw agenda team in 2023?

Karma-invocation here is a meaningless journey though it weirdly excites the great thinkers.However, if karma must be invoked, it must be invoked doubly upon the anonymous great thinkers whose activities are antagonistic and antithetical to the collective vision of the Ijaws in 2023. To enlighten the great thinkers further, karma does not work by invocation anchored by a clique of great thinkers. Karma works naturally without being barricaded. Let the karma that works naturally work for all, including the anonymous great thinkers for their glorious sense of devotion displayed in their dance of calumny.

The position that the 2023 Delta Ijaw agenda is purposely built around one individual or candidate is most inspiringly inventive/innovative. The anonymous great thinkers deserve commendation for this innovation. Even if an agenda is conceptually built around one million people, in its clear cosmic format or outline futurologically accessible to the initiate or the psychically privileged, the agenda is actually built around one person because the whole struggle will eventuate in one individual becoming the governor of the state. Where is therefore the logical room to quarter the command-like exhortation or pretentious position that the governorship must be weaned off pathological tendencies to be built around one candidate? Could this pattern of thought be an emanation from growing awareness/fear of political evanescence, political paranoia and siege mentality – which are indeed vagabond thoughts too prohibitive to be unveiled where pro-Delta-Ijaw movement towards the production of a governor is at work?

Visibly dedicated to the task of engagement patriotically assigned to them, Chief Broderick Bozimo and his dedicated volunteer team have beaten drums across Delta State that it is time for Ijaw to occupy the office of a governor of Delta State. Would he have been able to engage this task if he had been compromised through his son’s commissionership appointment as unhealthily dished out by the great thinkers? A compromised activist or campaigner beats an amazing retreat but Chief Bozimo only increases his velocity and altitude in the 2023 Delta Ijaw agenda – which should communicate something to the anonymous great thinkers.

One would have thought that Delta South Senatorial District with a population of 1,304,747, voting strength of 1,236,000, Delta Central District with a projected population of 1,560,858, voting strength of 827,338 and Delta North Senatorial District with a population of 1,236,840 and a voting strength of 641,125, as projected by the Independent National Electoral Commission before the 2015 general elections, it is the apogee of logicality for the Ijaws to labour to produce the 2023 governor of Delta State through productive engagement with the people in all the three senatorial districts of Delta State just as Chief Broderick Bozimo and his dedicated volunteer team are doing devotedly now. Chief Bozimo should be relentless in his inspiring sensitization journey across the state however the anonymous critical distractions from non-navigable brooks because the original great thinkers know that it is only anonymous benighted great thinkers who can be smugly content with the characterization of 2023 Ijaw Delta agenda as a failed venture.

Nothing matters to the Ijaws as long as firmness has not abandoned them in the pursuit of the Delta Ijaw vision. Chief Broderick Bozimo and his 2023 Ijaw Delta agenda are firmly on a commendable path because it is the collective vision of the Delta Ijaws that Barrister Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, Senator J.E. Manager and Chief Hon. Braduce Angozi should be drummed up across the State as likely Ijaw governorship candidates from among whom the cosmically anointed and decreed one will emerge as the democratically elected governor of Delta State in 2023. This means that when the anonymous great thinkers use ‘failed’ and ‘compromised’ in the characterisation and portrait of Chief Broderick Bozimo and his dedicated volunteer team, it must have been born out of benightedness and lexical confusion of the great thinkers who lead a perpetual masked life or existence because their trade of organised calumny thrives best in anonymity.

It STINGS one like a swarm of wasp upon a crowd of bush mango-hunting foresters in Akparemobou Forest that the so-called anonymous great thinkers do not even know the man Chief Barrister Broderick Bozimo in depths. Chief Broderick Bozimo, the eponymous representational character within whom are subsumed all the formidable Ijaw personalities sympathetic to the 2023 Ijaw Delta vision, whose bank overflows with credibility and intellectual power, who carries in all radiance the characterisations of a deeply rooted force behind whom all other forces can queue in ‘collapsible elasticity’ to aggregate resources to actualise the dream of an Ijaw governor in 2023 in Delta State is the accredited sensitisation lodestar for the 2023 Delta Ijaw vision capacitated to journey without the distractions that marked the fall of dog in the Longevity Race competition between dog and toad in which toad won, as declared by God Amighty the judge, because dog was distracted by palm oil poured on the road.

That Chief Bozimo is positioned as the time-teller OTITI bird to awaken all the Ijaws to the desirability of democratically enthroning Ijaw man as Delta State governor is a code deployed to facilitate dream-realization – the contextual equivalent of the THE DA VINCI CODE which only the ‘Izonbai Izonbai’ Ijaws can penetrate and connect with for result-production. Alas, the anonymous great thinkers may not fall into the category of ‘Izonbai Izonbai’ Ijaws – which is why they choose verbal violence over integration into the mainstream of the Ijaw collective umbrella constantly unfurled as the place of refuge and resource-replenishment in the move to occupy the GOVERNORSHIP seat in 2023.

Much as it is known to Timiebi Maika, the great philosopher always visibly situated for her flawless philosophical positions on any issue, the night is bound to break into day even if the cocks do not crow. Timiebi Maika the philosopher also knows that the great thinkers would not have gone downwards ideationally the way they are when they cavil at the 2023 Delta Ijaw Vision and how it has been progressively eponymised by Chief Broderick Bozimo based on its conceptualization process and public perception if they are actually great thinkers.

Surely, the anonymous great thinkers would not have deposited their venomous energies on disparaging characterisation of the 2023 Delta Ijaw agenda if they had read his Excellency Otuaro’s article, ‘YOUTHS AND POTENTIALS’ published in the Vanguard of 6 September 2021 – a great article that sensitises the youths on how to discover, develop and commercialise their talents and potentials for economically sustainable living. Vapour is their benightedness, their thoughts, talents and potentials streamlined and repositioned to face and conquer challenges of existence if the anonymous great thinkers actually familiarise themselves with Barrister Otuaro’s piece ‘YOUTHS AND POTENTIALS’. They are likely to be transformed by Otuaro’s ‘economies of commercialized talents and potentials’ archived in his seminal article.

It is now LOUDLY clear from the journey above that for legendary great thinkers like the referenced thinkers here, one would have thought that their lips would be full of laudatory words for the fact that the 2023 Ijaw Delta Vision is daily eponymised by Chief Broderick Bozimo.It should not be a rocket science for great thinkers to know that the 2023 Delta Ijaw Vision can only be eponymised for progressive reasons by Chief Broderick Bozimo.If what they parade here as albatross is that of understanding deficit, these great thinkers are indeed not thinking legends legend for flawless thoughts and ideas though we naively thought they were thinking legends from whom generations born and unborn could draw the raw material for projection into any tomorrow birthed.May His Excellency Otuaro’s piece, ‘Youths and Potentials’, therefore awaken the anonymous great thinkers away from this repellent ideational rubbish!

Enewaridideke, writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State

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