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THANK GOD, I AM VINDICATED….Man accused of killing wife for rituals

…brother confessed to sleeping with wife for ten years

GbaramatuA 52 year old man, Captain Ogiyenewei Ogorye Teiwei, (Charlie Bravo), who was wrongfully accused of murdering his wife for ritual purposes, have expressed joy for being freed of wrongdoing.

Captain Teiwei, a businessman who hails from Oporoza town, Gbaramatu kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, was married to the late Mrs Nunukpa Teiwei for 28 years before she died April 16th, 2017 at Lonia clinic, Ovwian in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State.

The deceased has been sick for nine days, before her demise. She was said to have died of stroke.

Trouble started for Capt Teiwei, when the late Mrs Nunukpa Teiwei, who hails from Ogulagha community in Burutu Local Government area of Delta State suddenly fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital for an unknown ailment.

However, his in-laws suddenly accused him of been responsible for the condition of the deceased and he was subjected to a barrage of abuses and accusations.

This sudden twist in the scheme of things turned the condition of the businessman described by associates and neighbours as a hardworking gentleman, into a nightmare as his physical condition deteriorated within few weeks and he emaciated to the point that those who knows him believe he was suffering from a kind of sickness that is ”untreatable”.

However, just like the saga began, it suddenly came to an end when the younger brother to the accused owned up to being the lover of his late brother’s wife and that he has been responsible for the conditions of both his brother and his late wife.

Charlie Bravo
Capt. Teiwei

According to the ”brother”, because of his unholy dalliances with the late mother of four, he has contacted an herbalist who has helped him to ”lock up” the tongues of the deceased and also the mental state of the husband to forestall exposure and possible retribution.

The younger brother of Captain Teiwei also confessed at a family meeting on Tuesday that he has been sleeping with his brother’s wife for ten years.

The family, in order to prevent a full scale war that can tear the extended family apart, decided to let the matter lie, while the accused Maritime Captain was advised to bury the hatchet and move on with his life.

The deceased’s family also has decided to tow the line of peace in the light of recent development.

A source within the family, who spoke with GbaramatuVoice on condition of anonymity, explained that the family has decided to sheathe their swords, in the matter of recent events.

”We decided to let the sleeping dogs lie, because we can see that our in-law have been wrongfully accused of killing our daughter.

”We have always known him to be a man of peace and a perfect gentleman and we were actually disturbed when we got the negative report. Our child had four children for him and we don’t want to jeopardize their future by prolonging the matter.

On his part, the accused disclosed that he went through a harrowing experience during the period and that he was haunted for the murder of his late wife.

‘I was in love with my late wife and I was just traumatized that somebody or even anyone for that matter would want to pin the murder of my wife on me.

”Anyway, I forgive those who were behind my plight. As a gentleman, I believe there is nothing to gain in keeping malice. I have decided to pick up the pieces and move on with my family.

When asked how he felt about his brother who betrayed him by sleeping with his late wife for ten years, despite  the fact that he has been responsible for his upkeep since he was an infant, Captain Teiwei declined to react, however, he said revenge is of the Lord.

”Revenge is of the Lord, he is my blood. I leave everything in the hands of God Almighty”. he said.


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