Tantita Security Challenges Navy Allegations Over Seized Crude Oil Vessel In Ondo Coastal Waters

Tantita Security Services in perspective

Tantita Security Services Limited has countered the Nigerian Navy’s accusations concerning the recent seizure of a crude oil vessel in Ondo State’s coastal waters. The Navy had accused Tantita Security of engaging in illegal activities.

Warredi Enisuoh, Tantita’s Executive Director of Operations and Technical, expressed disagreement with the Navy’s claims.

According to the naval spokesman, Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, the vessel’s arrest was based on intelligence related to crude oil theft in the area.

However, Tantita Security alleges that the Navy is obstructing its operatives and other security agencies from accessing the seized vessel for further investigations. The security company has called for an immediate probe into the incident.

“We are indeed saddened and disappointed that the Nigerian Navy could descend so low as to make such bizarre accusations against our organisation, knowing the same to be false,” stated the company.

Tantita emphasized the existence of video evidence depicting the interaction between its operatives and the Nigerian Navy at the scene, which has been transmitted to higher authorities. The company expressed reluctance to engage in further disputes with the Nigerian Navy.


Our attention has been drawn to a defamatory and libellous statement made by the Nigerian Navy against our organisation, Tantita Security Services Limited.

In the statement made on Thursday the 7th of December, 2023 by the Director of Naval Information, Commodore Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, he informed the general public that the Nigerian Navy had detected and arrested a 77 meter long motor tanker for crude oil theft with her 17 crew members.

He further added and we quote “it is believed that Tantita Security Services is involved in these illegalities because Awoye riverine area which is close to the place of arrest is covered by TSS.

Again it was upon the arrest of the vessel by the Nigerian Navy that TSS began to raise false alarm, totally unfounded and indeed mischievous.”

We are indeed saddened and disappointed that the Nigerian Navy could descend so low as to make such bizarre accusations against our organisation knowing same to be false.

Perhaps they are not aware that video evidence of what transpired between the Tantita operatives and the Nigerian Navy at the scene exists and has been transmitted to the highest authorities.

We will therefore not join issues with the Nigerian Navy as we are well aware that Nigerians know who is who.

Capt. Warredi Enisuoh
Executive Director – Operations and Technical
Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited

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