Tamarankro Obriki assumes office as MD/CEO of Oxytane Africa

Tamarankro Obriki assumes office as MD/CEO of Oxytane Africa

The 2023 House of Representatives candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) for Bomadi/Patani Federal Constituency in Delta State, Hon. Tamarankro Obriki, on Friday officially assumed his role as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Oxytane Africa Investments Limited, a global brand currently present in 27 countries.

Oxytane Africa Investments Nigeria Ltd is an affiliate of Oxytane International and AMJ INC, USA. It provides effective and sustainable solutions to the problem of emissions and fuel economy in internal combustion engines thereby enabling others to be better planetary stewards.

The new executive officer while speaking during an inaugural staff induction and seminar in Abuja on Friday, noted that Oxytane is an accredited product that is sure of giving 40 to 35% fuel savings in diesel, kerosene and petrol that is use in cars and generators.

Tamarankro Obriki, MD/CEO of Oxytane Africa with Executive members and High Chief MIke Loyibo, Prime Minister, Tuomo Kingdom

He explained that the company produces the best brand of fuel addictive in the world and positioned to fight carbon emissions and achieve green energy with a 40 percent fuel and diesel savings.

Hon. Obriki added that the brand is going to take youths off the street, by engaging them from both in the rural and urban area. Stressing that many youths are going to be gainfully employed, which he said will benefit the country.

He said; “Oxytane is a company that is in 27 countries operating, we are just fully moving into Nigeria. And by the grace of God, I am appointed as the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of oxygen, AfricaNigeria.

“We have staffs who are recruited all over the country, we also have our technical people outside the country that tare given lectures. And so we are ready to hit the ground running. So this is an inaugural induction and seminar. In the coming weeks, we are going to make partnerships with government industries and all that.

“Oxytane being introduced to Nigerians individually and corporate will reduce 90% of carbon emissions and pollution in the country. Carbon emission and pollution in Nigeria is a huge problem.

“Nigeria is an active member of the world climate change circle, we’re fighting to achieve clean energy in 2040. Climate change is real, so anything that will reduce emissions, fight emission or reduce pollution. Nigeria is going to key into it.

“Oxytane is a global brand that is proven everywhere in the world, America, United Nations, European Union, Indonesia and in several countries. Oxygen reduces carbon emission, also generating a lot of money through carbon credit for the government in different levels.

Oxytane will help you to live longer. Nigerians experience over 20% of still birth, 64,000 every year, which is caused by a carbon oxide, carbon pollution. You try and move on the road, you see that cars are smoking all over the places, these are are dangerous to the health.

“Oxytane is an accredited product that is sure of giving you 40 to 35% fuel savings in your diesel, kerosene and in your petrol that you use in cars and generators.

“We are trying to support Mr. president policy, when he removed subsidy the prices jacked up both diesel fuel. So we are bringing it in as also a way of poverty alleviation, that will reduce your use of fuel to 40%. It’s going to give you a savings of 40% prices of products high.

“Oxytane is a band that will support Mr. President in reducing the usage of 100% Fall dependency. If you buy 50 litres of fuel which will cost you within the range of 35,000 or more, and you’re using it for just two days, with oxytane you’re going to use the same product for three to four days. So, you are saving close to 50%.

“That’s what oxytane is bringing to the table. It also makes the engine move very well. it reduce pollution, it gives you 40 to 50% fuel economy and it protects the environment. So it’s a win win situation.

“Nigeria is a big country, this is the most populous black nation in the world, the country that has 36 states. At long run we’re going to have representatives and staff in the 36 states of the country. So you can imagine the level of employment we’re going to do. We are going to take people off the street, by engaging people from both in the rural and urban area. Many youths are going to be gainfully employed, and it will benefit the country.

“I for one because of the my interests, the love for the country, and my zeal for safe environmental friendly situation in the country, I’m a politician that has taken a break to pursue Oxytane and promote in Nigeria to make sure that the lives of our women and youths are saved from carbon emission.

“Ignorance is a big sin, ignorant is death, the kind of carbon that our people inhale everyday because of bad for pollution is what oxytane is going to curb,” he added.

However, Alexander Ato Graham, the executive director of the company while speaking with GbaramatuVoice after the event, described Oxytane as fuel treatment product that supposed to save the environment and also save as money in people’s pockets.

He said, “We are introducing a product called Oxytane, a fuel treatment product that is supposed to save the environment and also save as money in our pockets. Oxytane works very efficiently and it’s very simple to use and it’s recommended for every Nigerian to use globally.

“Air pollution is killing lots of people living in Nigeria, air pollution is killing 68,000 people every year, nobody seems to be talking about it now and subsidies have been taken off the floor, cost of fuel has also increased an ordinary Nigerians are the ones suffering.

“So we are introducing oxygen into the Nigerian market, which will help remove emissions, bring down emissions considerably, and also reduce the amount of fuel that you buy in whichever engine you use. Whether it’s your car, whether it’s your generator, so that you can save some money in your pocket at the end of the day.

“Oxytane deals with a problem called cavitation, a little pockets of air and water that is embedded in the floor when it’s flowing. Because of that cavitation problem when the fuel enters into the combustion chamber of any engine, the fuel is not dense is not raw flows. So the flows is not able to bend properly.

“This is what causes emissions and this is what causes your engine to consume more fuel. So by reducing that cavitation flaw in flowing fuel automatically, it makes your engine perform better, it makes it bend faster, saves in your consumption and makes your car or your engine fuel efficient.

“The savings is at least 25%, and the most you can get 40% some are higher, some have gotten 60% But you are guaranteed a minimum of 25% savings. No side effects. We have certifications we have en 590 certifications from Europe. We have D 975 certifications for America.

High profile personalities present at the event includes the traditional prime minister of Tuomo kingdom, High Chief Mike Loyibo, the company representatives around the world and directors.

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