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Stop land grabbing attitude, we are not your tenants, Ijaw leader Tells Itsekiri

The Chairman of Kokodiagbene Community in Gbararmatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, Comrade Sheriff Mulade has said that the Ijaws are not Customary Tenants to the Itsekiris, warning that enough was enough of the land grabbing attitude of the Itsekiris.

The  President of Itsekiri National Youth Council, INYC, Comrade Weyinmi  Agbateyiniro had urged the Ijaws of Gbaramatu in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, to respect the decisions of the Supreme Court and other courts of competent jurisdiction and had noted that the peaceful co-existence between Ijaws and Itsekiris can only be guaranteed when the Ijaws accept to live with their status as customary tenants.

But Comrade Mulade fired back, saying that; “We have carefully and thoroughly studied our most lovely, acceptable friends and neighbours to be the  worst people to call neighbours because of their unnecessary ethnic pride and spirit of land grabbing attitude that have been injected into their DNA”.

The Niger Delta Activist and community leader said it was not in his character  to  join issues with INYC “because they have been sponsored to cause another crisis in Warri and it’s environs to prevent the Take off the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenkoko”.

“It will interest the public to know  that there was no time Kokodiagbene  Town was called  Ubakodia as claimed by our Itsekiri neighbours  and it is insulting, provocative  and annoying to give a bad name to the most peace loving and accommodating people which we extended to Itsekiris in our area”, he said.

According to him;”I want to strongly caution, advise  and plead with our most lovely and accepted neighbours to stop these  frivolous, fictitious and fraudulent claims on papers, it will not help and change anything but rather breeds hatred, discord and unnecessary ethnic crisis which INYC is being sponsored to do by  crisis beneficiaries and I expect that by now INYC elites should realize this and desist from these misguided,  misleading,  inflammatory statements and claims that are capable of creating another ethnic crisis that will frustrate development of Warri and environs”.

“We can no longer  be intimidated with the cheap political propaganda of the Itsekiris,let us work together for peace and attract development to our areas”, Comrade Mulade stated.


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