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[SPONSORED] Workers’ Day Celebration: Century Energy staff expresses sincere gratitude to management

As the whole world today, Saturday May 1, 2021, celebrates the Workers’ Day as recognized by the International Labour Organization (ILO), we the staff of Century Energy Services Limited (CESL), NNPC Oil Field Services (NOFS), a Leading Indigenous Service Provider in the country’s oil and gas sector, and operators of OML 42 facilities, writes to sincerely appreciate the management of the organization for their staff-friendly policies and reforms.

Staff of Century Energy Services Limited at OML 42 during the International Workers’ Day Celebration 

We consider it appropriate to use this auspicious occasion of workers’ day celebration to express this gratitude because, right from the moment we were engaged in January 2012 till date, by the organization, you have given a disciplined attention to improvement of our life chances through human capacity building and provision of adequate workers welfare.

You have done exceedingly well to the admiration and envy of other staff working within the oil and gas sector.

Specifically, we have learned very useful lessons from your well foresighted leadership. You have through your actions and inactions taught us that true social stability is closely linked to economic stability.

We have also learned that credibility can only be established through actions and not words. And most importantly, we have through your authentic leadership prowess learned that the feasibility of a leadership vision is not enough. Vision does not make civilizations nor achieve growth and progress, unless the visionary in question transforms his vision into reality within a reasonable period.

As we celebrate, we must announce to the global community that despite the global economic crunch orchestrated by the novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, your leadership via prudent management of resources has remained resolute in ensuring that workers welfare were given priority attention. Your exemplary leadership in this direction will not only remain a reference point but must go down in the anal of Nigeria’s labour relations.
Without fear of contradiction, you have made our families experience a wonderful living.

In view of these verifiable facts, we sincerely hope and fervently pray that God Almighty will continue to guard, guide and furnish you with the creative wisdom and resources needed to pilot and place the Century Energy Services Limited (CESL), NNPC Oil Field Services (NOFS)/OML42 at a profitable pedestal.

 Again, accept our sincere appreciation.

Comr. Peter Ofoghan Ebi(OML42AMTNUPENG),(Kantu Federated Community)

Hon, Faith Mamamu (Odidi Wing)

Hon. Ebi Nanakumor (Secretary Gen, Odidi Youth Council)

Comr Victor Sokoto (Sec General, Okerenkoko Fed Community)

Comr. Akama Doubra (Immediate President, Odidi Youth Council)

Engr. Endurance Ari (Kokodiagbene community)

Engr. James Odumeb (Omadino Community)

Mr Lucky Ogugu (Batan Community)

Engr (Mrs.) Maureen Arigbogha (Odidi Community).

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