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Senatorial Hopeful Endorses APC Direct Voting Process For Its Primaries

By Isaac Olamikan

Honourable Sylvanus Igbogbo, the front line contender for the Edo Central senatorial position in 2019, has given his consent to the mode his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has promised to adopt for its forthcoming primaries – the Direct Primaries (bottom to top approach).

On Monday, August 20th, 2018, at a meeting with party leaders in Irrua, Governor Obaseki had openly announced that the the process to be adopted for the party primaries is the Direct Primaries (bottom to top approach) in line with the pronouncement of the national chairman of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Also, Governor Obaseki promised that there would be a level playing field for all aspirants as he has no anointed candidate.

Meanwhile, Hon. Igbogbo vehemently condemned the attack on Governor Obaseki and his convoy on the fateful day, saying that the attack was uncalled for.

Honourable Igbogbo stated that when he assumes office he will ensure that the era of wastages will come to an end.

In a statement he made available to the media he asserted that the level of wastage in the country is monumental and the situation is giving him cause for concern.

“We should have good culture and ways of checkmating wastage in Nigeria. We must stop wasting our generation’s and future generations wealth in this country.

“When I am elected as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will make sure I sponsor a bill that will stop wastage in Nigeria. We’ve been experiencing wastage in our country for a very long time.

“We continuously go back to rebuild what we’ve done before. I know we don’t have maintenance culture in Nigeria, but that is very bad. We’re going to make sure we do everything possible to stop wastage with the enactment of a legislation.”

Going further, he stressed: “We build roads, the roads are supposed to last for years. There are specified numbers of years that roads are supposed to last.”

Going further, he stated:

“But our roads that are built don’t last for five years. We’re going to make sure that any companies that are awarded contracts by the Federal, State or Local Governments are held responsible for the number of years the roads are supposed to last and maintenance of the roads for the period it is supposed to last.

“It must be implemented. The ministries must make sure that nobody or company will build our roads and it only last for five years.

“Contractors will be made to keep to the time frame for the execution of their contracts. They have to follow the agreed specification. Any contractor that don’t keep to the agreement must be sanctioned.”

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