Royal Rendezvous: Inside the Majestic Birthday Celebration Of The Ebenanaowei Of Ogulagha Kingdom

By Samuel Abai

It was a day filled with joy and celebration as sons and daughters from near and far gathered in Obotobo community, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State on Thursday, to honour the esteemed Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha Kingdom and Chairman of the Delta State Ijaw Traditional Rulers Forum, His Royal Majesty, Elder (Capt.) Joseph I. Timiyan (JP) PhD, Agbonu, Torububor 1.

The event saw the presence of prominent traditional rulers, including HRM Pere Luke Kalanama VIII, First Vice Chairman of the Delta State Traditional Rulers Council and Pere of Akugbene Mein Kingdom; HRM King Dr. Ekioemi Owei-Egbe John, Gbesa 1, The Ebenanaowei of Operemor Kingdom, Delta State; HRM Bosu Dio (JP), Ayamabulou 1, The Pere of Iduwini Kingdom, Delta State; HRM Johnbull Polokuwei, The Pere of Ogbulubiri Mein Kingdom, Delta State; HRM Couple Oromoni Mackson Mobene III, Pere-Amaoku of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom, Delta State; HRM Johnbull Polokowei, The Pere of Ogbulubiri Mein Kingdom, Delta State; and HRM King Dr. Owoupele Danladi Foubiri, The Ebenanaowei of Tarakiri Kingdom, Delta State.

Honourable Chief Favour Izoukumor, Executive Director of Social Services at DESOPADEC; Capt. Letthemsay Braboke; and Mr. Joseph Boson, CEO of Bojoedi Resources Ltd., were among the prominent figures in attendance.

High Chief Tunde Smooth, the Bolowei of Niger Delta and Chairman of the occasion, delivered a heartfelt tribute to the monarch, extolling his virtues and wishing him continued wisdom and prosperity.

The event showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region, with captivating performances from Bayelsa State Arts and Culture, Prince Isaba Abraham and his United Brothers Band of Africa, Emma J Music from Bayelsa, and various other cultural troupes representing Ogulagha Kingdom.

Expressing his gratitude for the overwhelming support, the first class monarch expressed his long-held desire for a grand celebration and thanked all attendees for making it possible.

Addressing both supporters and adversaries, he prayed for blessings upon the former and invoked the wrath of the Ogulagha river and breeze upon the latter, ensuring the kingdom’s continued prosperity.

While welcoming traditional leaders, family members, friends, supporters and subjects to the kingdom, he said, “To my colleagues and all of you who have postponed your plans to join us today, I deeply appreciate your presence. I understand the effort it takes to travel such distances.

“For several years, I’ve envisioned celebrating my birthday on a grand scale, and though the physical gathering may be modest, the significance in my heart is immense.”

He further said, “My heartfelt prayers go out to those who have supported and extended their well-wishes through phone calls, social media, and beyond. Some have even graciously contributed millions of naira without seeking recognition. May God bless you abundantly, and may He remember your households.

“To those harboring ill intentions against me and the Kingdom, let it be known that the Ogulagha river will engulf them, the Ogulagha breeze will stifle them, and the land they tread upon will yield them no favor. This kingdom will thrive and advance,” he prayed fervently.

Amidst the festivities, the king cut a magnificent cake crafted in the likeness of a ship, symbolising strength and leadership, further enhancing the grandeur of the occasion.

See photos from the ceremony below:

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