RIVERS: NRM guber candidate, Jackrich, slams Wike over donation of 25 buses to Benue PDP campaign team

RIVERS: NRM guber candidate, Jackrich, slams Wike’s donation of 25 buses to Benue PDP campaign team

RIVERS: NRM guber candidate, Jackrich, slams Wike over donation of 25 buses to Benue PDP campaign team

The gubernatorial candidate of the National Rescue Movement in Rivers State, High Chief Ambassador Sobomabo Jackrich, has reacted to the news that the Governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, donated 25 buses to the campaign team of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue State.

Jackrich made this known in a statement issued to the press on Monday describing the action of the governor as “wasteful squandering”.

The statement read: “The latest on the list of this reckless show of charity to outsiders with Rivers money by the governor amidst prevailing suffering and hardship plaguing citizens of the state due to ravaging flood in our communities and the country’s economic downturn, is the donation of 25 buses to Benue State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign team.

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“Other recent donations made by the governor include ₦300 Million to the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials on October 18th, 2022 and hours after that, another donation of ₦200 Million support to a library built by his political ally, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu in honour of his late father in Abia state.

“On October 12th, 2022, the governor donated 25 buses to the Cross River State PDP campaign council when he played host to the Cross River State Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidates for state and National Assembly elections.

“On September 29th, 2022 during the inauguration of Body of Benchers Complex in Abuja by President Muhammadu Buhari, Chairman of the Body Of Benchers, Wole Olanipekun (SAN), disclosed that Governor Wike donated N500m to the construction of the complex.

“He had also donated over ₦1billion to Pamo University, a private institution owned by a former governor of the state, Sir Dr Peter Odili, all for purposes of political patronage, this is to mention just a few amongst other donations.

“The reckless frittering away of tax payers money and our collective patrimony to other states by Governor Wike is really appalling. It is inconceivable, barbaric and unacceptable, as charity they say, begins at home.

“Ironically, just last week, 8,000 students of the state owned tertiary institution, Rivers State University were subjected to public ridicule, embarrassment and mental torture when they were deprived the opportunity to write their final year exams due to their inability to meet up with payment of their fees.

“As extravagant as the government of the day could be in sharing Rivers funds with other states, it is very inhumane for the same government to look the other way and allow our children to suffer such academic humiliation.

“What more evidence do Rivers people need to vote out the PDP in the next general elections?

“This clearly demonstrates that the current PDP led Rivers State government is more interested in attaining political relevance, while the priority of the welfare of Rivers people comes second on their scale of preference.

“This is unacceptable and highly condemnable because Rivers money is supposed to be meant for the development of the state and its people first before extending a helping hand to others if need be.

“More saddening is the seeming silence or negligence on the part of the elites in the state especially those in the governorship race who have either refused to speak up against this recklessness because they are sponsored to cause distractions, not really because they are genuinely in the governorship race.

“Furthermore, some projects embarked upon by the state government, for instance the Emohua Campus of Rivers State University which was inaugurated recently, lives one in awe of how such an all important project meant for building our future generations, would be handled so poorly despite the whopping three Billion Naira allotted for the project.

“Just a few buildings were erected at the site, while buildings originally erected by previous administration of Rotimi Amaechi were clearly left abandoned, thus defacing even the few buildings they managed to erect.

“Also, the project few months after its inauguration is not yet conducive for human habitable purposes or academic activities.

“Another clear example is the ongoing project at the site of former UPTH at the old Port Harcourt Township, the Wike led government carefully left out the buildings at the site previously erected by the former administration and went ahead to construct new ones, of which the old buildings clearly deface the new ones erected.

“This style of politicking with the growth and development of the state is unacceptable and alien to what a 21st century leadership style ought to be, as government they say, is a continuum.

“Also, the slow pace of construction of the Trans-Kalabari Road is another indicator that the state government is not genuinely committed to developing all parts of the state to compete favourably economically.

“We therefore call on the Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike to retrace his steps and halt forthwith further wastage of the collective patrimony of Rivers people.

“As the saying goes, whatever has a beginning, has an end, we therefore call on citizens of the state to be hopeful as the end to this level of insensitivity to their plight will soon come to an end in few months.

“Finally, we wish to congratulate all those that were fortunate to be chosen as beneficiaries of the Governor Wike’s list of 100,000 special assistants on political unit affairs.

“As Rivers citizens, it is your right to benefit from the common wealth of the state, so without hesitation, feel free to enjoy all the benefits that come with the new appointment, having been living in deprivation for the past seven years.

“However, be weary of the caviet of the appointment, as it is an open secret that your PVCs which is your right to exercise your franchise at the polls were taken from you, alongside your bank details.

“Note that this is a deliberate attempt to use you as foot soldiers to install a stooge of the governor in the next political dispensation, in order to continue the status quo of non accountable and anti-people style of leadership.

“Such a stooge will only owe his loyalty to his benefactor and not to the people of the state.

“And history will not judge you rightly if you are part of those to perpetrate such wickedness against Rivers people.

“Thus, we urge all citizens of the state to use their votes wisely to vote in a government that will be compassionate to meeting the needs of the state.”


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