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The member repre­senting Warri Fed­eral Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Daniel Reyenieju, has advocated for constant interaction be­tween legislators and their constituents, saying such interactions could promote development.

Hon. Reyenieju while speaking at a One-Day symposium organized by the Warri Federal Con­stituency Office in hon­our of Late Mrs. Beatrice Omawumi Udoh, said such forum will present oppor­tunities for many partici­pants like him, to acquire new ideas.

He said, “In such inter­actions, ideas and logic are up for contest and the su­perior one must be allowed to triumph. One of the fundamental interaction as will manifest such forum will present opportuni­ties for many participant to learn more and acquire new ideas, including cross-fertilization of ideas.”
According to him what is central to the ideology of development is education, saying that people tend to request government of the day to develop their com­munities, local govern­ment and states whenever they are confronted with the choice to express them­selves.
“The context of ideas remains a veritable aspect. I know very well that in countries which respec­tive democracy may have earned the appellation of being advance, one of the cardinal focus of the re­spective political groupings that dominate state power at any political time is to ensure the education of members of political par­ties including those they put forward in the contest of political power.” He said.
He said though he was in grave pain over the death of Hon. Omawumi Udoh, he will not fail the note with satisfaction the kind of intellectual amalgam being displayed through the selections of topics es­pecially the topic of cancer which he said late Omawu­mi Udoh was a victim.
“For now, all that I can with emotion and pain in­tone here is that Late Bea­trice Omawumi Udoh as a one-time player in this biosphere played a role which divine providence bequeathed on her and this we will surely miss. In my estimate, she carried on her role dutifully, more so in an environment where androcentricism is deeply rooted,” Reyenieju added.
On her part, the chair­person of the occasion, Prof. Mary Edema, Pro­vost, College of Education who delivered the paper titled, “Burden of Legisla­tors Representation in Our Own Democracy” urged constituents to always sup­port their representatives so that they can have the will power to carry out their work diligently.
She said apart from the affluence lifestyle people see some legislators live, there are other aspect that the people do not see, adding that legislators also go through a lot of burden while carrying out their duties of representing the people.
She said, “There are a lot of burden involved in legislation and unless our legislators get the support of their people, they will be overwhelmed. It may interest you to know that while some of us are busy sleeping, our legislators are awake attending one meeting or the other. So as a people we must help and support our representatives.”

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