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Restructure Nigeria Before Seeking Re-Election: Ijaw women tell Buhari

…says; ”implement El-Rufai’s committee recommendations

Following his declaration for a second term in office, earlier in the week, the Ijaw Women Connect, IWC, a socio-political group that protects the interest of Women of the Ijaw ethnic stock, has told President Buhari, not to pull the cart before the horse.

The group advised President Buhari to first, implement the Kaduna Governor, Alhaji El Rufai’s committee’s recommendations, which include the restructuring of the country.

A statement by the group’s leader, Rosemary Graham-Naingba, warned that its members would not participate in the 2019 elections, if its counsel were not adhered to by the Federal Government.

”It is laughable to see a president who does not mean well for the nation he governs, to seek re-election. Who are the people he is ruling that he wants to return in 2019 to rule?” the statement queries. ”Is it the cows and the nomadic Fulani herdsmen from Mali, Chad and neighboring countries as they claim?.

”We speak as an Ijaw women; we would not take part in the forthcoming 2019 general elections, if the President doesn’t see the need to restructure this country.

”There are several agitations ongoing, virtually from all the regions, except the Core north. That is to say, the north is the major beneficiary of the system that has failed every other region in the country.

”May I put this on record today that if PMB refuses to work with the recommendations of the ruling APC restructuring committee as delivered by the Chairman Mr. El-Rufai, the Executive Governor of Kaduna state even though, we don’t see the sincerity from them and call Nigerians to the table for a  dialogue  to draw and define a new Nigeria, then he should not come and deceive Nigerians with flimsy reasons for seeking a re-election in a country that all sections are feeling bruised and battered”.

The group noted that all is not well with the country and that it needs to be restructured as a matter of urgency, especially, as it concerns the Niger Delta region that produces 75% of the nation’s wealth.

”The country is in shambles and is in dire need of a restructuring. The Niger Delta region especially the Ijaw nation which is responsible for over 75% of the country’s economic well-being, will not be part of the 2019 elections if, we do not return to true federalism in a well restructured, new Nigeria”. the statement warned.

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