Refutal: NDDC disowns online story on board tenure

The management of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, has refuted a story circulated by an online portal, which suggests that the Spokesperson of the commission has confirmed the expiration of the tenure of the present management of the commission 

In a statement signed by the Deputy Director of the commission, Chijioke Amu-Nnadi, aptly titled; “REFUTAL ON A MISLEADING STORY “EXCLUSIVE: NDDC SPOKESPERSON CONFIRMS BOARD TENURE EXPIRED”, published in the NEXT edition, the commission expressed disgust and disappointment at the shoddy professional handling of a story  the publisher, who the commission believed pre-skewed the report, even before an interview granted him by the commission’s Director of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Abosede Initiate.

The statement reads in full; “We read with dismay, disappointment and displeasure the sensational and grossly misleading story published on Monday, February 5, 2018, by online medium, The Next Edition, headlined “EXCLUSIVE: NDDC Spokesperson Confirms Board Tenure Expired”, which seeks to create the dubious impression that the Director, Corporate Affairs of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, “confirmed that the tenure of the Governing Board of the Commission had expired.”

“We want to state categorically that at no time during a telephone conversation with the reporter, Mr. Isine Ibanga, did Mr. Abosede say what the headline and lead paragraph purport him to have said and demand the publication of the recording and full transcript of that so-called interview. Indeed, the rest of the report, particularly where Mr. Abosede is quoted by Mr. Ibanga, proves that no such statement was either made, implied or categorically stated.

“The headline for this report was perhaps written before Mr. Ibanga spoke with the Director, Corporate Affairs, and this is sad and far from being professional.

“We wish to state that the Commission is fully aware that a suit (FHC/PH/CS/170/2017) has been filed on this matter and Mr. Abosede could, therefore, not have commented on an on-going court proceeding nor make the statement falsely credited to him. That would be subjudice.  

“Consequently, we urge the public to disregard the said story.

“While the Commission remains eager and open to engage with the media to provide information necessary for diligent and professional news reporting, we wish to state that truth must remain the bedrock upon which journalism thrives and every society flourishes”.


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