Questions for members of the Obidient Movement

An open letter to Peter Obi on his call to Obidient members to vote Labour Party’s candidates

Questions for members of the Obidient Movement

The debate among Obidient members about whom and how to vote in the forthcoming Saturday, March 18, 2023, Governorship and House of Assembly elections across the country has brought about the following questions:

1. Have members of Obidient Movement automatically transformed to members of Labour Party?

2. If not, why the clamour for members of Obidient Movement to vote Labour Party candidates all the way?

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3. Is Obidient Movement no longer a movement anchored on ideology as earlier claimed?

4. Why the current imposition and insistence that members queue behind only Labour Party candidates?

5. If Mr. Peter Obi is clean as claimed by Obidient Movement, will that translate to every Labour candidate being clean and capable?

6. Can’t members be encouraged to go all out and cast their votes based on candidate’s profile, competence, character, accomplishments and programmes, as against voting under the blanket name called Obidient Movement.?

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