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Presidential Amnesty: Those against appointment of Major Mowarin, Enemies of Niger Delta people – Group

•Warned Federal Government over planned termination of programme

“The people would fight against plan to end it”

A  group that describes itself as the mouth piece of the people of Niger Delta, the Niger Delta Integrity Watch (NDIW) has lauded the Buhari government for appointing one Major H. K. Mowarin as the Head of Education/Logistics and Development, in the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

The group in a statement signed by its Chairman and General Secretary, Apostle Clement Tonfawei and Mr. Emmanuel Juweya, applauded the appointment of the popular ex- military officer and extolled the person of the appointee, whom they credited for bringing sanity into the Amnesty programme.

The statement reads in part; “The Niger Delta Integrity Watch group wants to use this medium to applaud President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing our son, Major Hassan Kesiena Mowarin as Head, Education/Logistics, Presidential Amnesty Programme of the Federal Government.

“Major Mowarin is a fine gentleman who has brought sanity to the education department of the Presidential Amnesty Programme since his appointment into the office.

“We want to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for his insight in the appointment of Major Mowarin who has since his appointment discovered over 500 fake amnesty beneficiaries in the education department of the amnesty programme. For this and many others, we want to assure President Buhari that we are fully behind him and we are ready to support him in ensuring that he brings sanity to the Amnesty Programme.”

The group condemns in clear terms that those opposed to the appointment of the “gentleman” are against the common interest of the people in the area.

“We also want to condemn those who are fighting against Major Mowarin, because we believe that they are out to destroy the Niger Delta people.

“Major Mowarin has been using the Amnesty Programme to help his people and we want to say that those who are fighting against him, do not have the welfare of the Niger Delta region at heart and we want to use this medium to declare such people as enemies of the Niger Delta region.”

The group pledged its support and urged the appointee not to allow himself to be distracted by his traducers, but rather to be focused with his eyes on the ball.

“We want to urge Major Mowarin not to be perturbed by disgruntled elements who are out to distract him from doing his job. He should be focused and concentrate on putting his best in the Amnesty Programme. We also want to assure Major Mowarin that we will support him all the way.”

Another official of the Amnesty Office, Agama Ineifiye Keisy also received commendation from the group for according to it “being instrumental to the investigation into the alleged malpractices in the Amnesty office.”

They urged him also, to continue his good work.

However, the group disagreed with the Federal Government on its planned termination of the scheme, which it said is the only benefit the region is enjoying since the exploration of oil began in the area.

The group warned that the decision will lead to wide spread conflict, as the people of Niger Delta Niger area would resist any attempt to tamper with the programme’s continuation.

“As the mouth piece of the Niger Delta people, the Niger Delta Integrity Watch group also want to state categorically clear that we are not in support of the alleged moves by the Federal Government to end the Amnesty Programme in 2018.

“The Amnesty Programme is the only thing that the people of the Niger Delta region has gained from the Federal Government since the discovery of oil in the region.

“The people of the Niger Delta region have suffered untold hardship through the devastation of the environment occasioned by oil exploration and exploitation in the region.

“Ending the Amnesty Programme at this time when the people of the region have started enjoying the benefits of oil that has been taken from their land would be counter productive.

“We have watched with keen interest the body language of our people since the news of the termination of the Amnesty Programme filtered into town.

“We, therefore want to use this medium to call on President Muhammadu Buhari not to end the Amnesty Programme.

“The people of the region have been taken for granted for too long and this time around we would not allow them take away our only gains, which is the Amnesty Programme,” the group added.


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