Presidential Amnesty: South South ex-agitators to President Buhari, Sack Dikio now

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Presidential Amnesty: South South ex-agitators to President Buhari, Sack Dikio now

The National Coordinator, South South Wing Of Ex-Agitators (SSWA), General Paul Agge, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari not to renew the tenure of the current Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Col. Milland Dikkio rtd.

General Agge in a statement issued to newsmen on Wednesday, saying that the tenure of Dikkio has been marred “by many words without action”

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According to the former agitator, Col. Dikkio has gone astray from the cardinal objective in which the amnesty programme was founded.

He said: “The tenure of Dikkio has been characterized by many words without action. The well conceived Amnesty programme by the late President Umoru Yardua in the 2009, was meant to stand on the tripod of; the disarmament and demobilization process; the second to capture rehabilitation which is the training processes, while the third phase is the Strategic Implementations of Action Plan towards holistic development of the Niger Delta region.

“But today, under Col. Dikkio’s leadership, the above has been abandoned completely. He has in the past few years of his administration as interim Presidential Amnesty Boss, turned the programme to a platform for delivering lectures that are not relevant to the targeted beneficiaries.

The Amnesty programme under his watch has witnessed a high level of nepotism and favoritism. Dikkio only trained those that are close to him or recommended by his friends and associates. He abandoned youths from the creeks of Niger delta region who are supposed to be real beneficiaries.

“In view of these facts, we call on Mr. President not reappoint as interim , or make him a substantive coordinator.

“The Niger Delta amnesty beneficiaries’ needs as a coordinator someone who understands the creeks and have participated in the struggle for the liberation of the Niger region.

“To ignore this advice by Mr. President could mean an invitation of anarchy in the region as so many Niger delta youths that are supposed to benefit from Amnesty have been schemed out or ignored by Dikkio and his men. Even those that have been trained are left without jobs or empowerment.

“As I write the release, many may go back to the creeks to continue with the abandoned struggle as a result of joblessness.

“Dikio is the worst Coordinator the office has ever had and therefore should be removed to pave way for a more competent administrator that understands the dynamics and politics of the struggle.

“We are for peace and part of the steps towards building an enduring peace in the region is by immediate removal of this non performer,” he concluded. 

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