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Premium Trust Bank berths in Port Harcourt

Premium Trust Bank has joined the list of licensed commercial banks operating in Nigeria.

The bank launched and opened its first branch in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital, with the promise to customers of speedy service delivery anchored on innovation and strong market knowledge.

Speaking at the launch event, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr Emmanuel Emefienim, noted that the bank’s coming on board was not to make up the numbers (of banks) but to stand out with its speed of service delivery.

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Emefienim also noted that the bank would be co-creating financial solutions with its customers to ensure alignment and seamless adoption at the stage of product deployment.

He said: “I have said many times that drawing up strategy in banking is not new. We are not necessarily coming to re-invent the wheel because the banking business especially in Nigeria, has a lot in common. We trade in the same industry and we all have the same regulator; you find out that the industry somehow operates within a boundary.

“But, then, there’s a differentiating factor; we have realised that while all banks tend to offer the same kind of service, there is something that is unique or different when it comes to execution. Put it this way, a bank takes a position to offer a certain kind of service. But, then, it takes them such a long time to deliver this service. And then, you find another bank comes on board, offer the same kind of service, but they deliver it in record time.

“The speed of execution is something that will speak for us in the industry. We are going to be deliberate about it. We know the people, we know the market, we have the experience, we understand the environment, and we understand the business. So, when you have strong knowledge of the people, the market and the business, speedy execution comes easy. This is because you are clear about what you want to do. Also, add that we are going to leverage on technology to make all of these happen.”

Commenting on the process the bank would use to develop products and financial solutions, Emefienim said: “We are not going to come up with products and just dump them on customers; not at all. We will sit with our customers, extract from them what their specific needs are, and then, co-create solutions towards meeting those needs.

“So, the customers will be part of the process. This is in the sense that we understand what they want, we sit with them to proffer solutions to those problems, and we come up with products that are tailor-made to solve the problems.

“So, by the time we deploy such products, there is some level of alignment. This for us, is a journey that ensures we grow together with our customers, impact lives and build communities consistent with our tagline – Together for Growth.” While the bank has only just launched its first branch, it will open five additional branches within the next 60 days; and then, wrap up with a total of 22 branches across the country by end of 2022.

Emefienim also noted that the bank would be bullish on the use of technology and other digital solutions to reach the unbanked and deepen financial inclusion among the populace.

Dignitaries who graced the launch event included Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, who was represented by the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Mrs Ifeyinwa Nwankpa.

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