Prayer for the world against COVID-19 by Emmanuel Uduaghan

Our Father, the maker of heaven and earth, and the healer of all diseases, we thank you for the way you have protected us and our families since the outbreak of the disease called COVID 19.

Lord, you have your reasons for introducing Covid 19 into the world. The reasons we do not know, but it has suceeded in humbling the whole world. It is becoming obvious that you are reminding us that you are God. You have taken control of the world you created. Those who were claiming they were super humans, super scientists, and nations that claimed they were super powers, have now been brought on their knees. Miracle healers have all disappeared. Only the foolish will still be doubting your existence and your powers.

Father, we thank you for giving us the ability to build up knowledge and capacity to deal with new issues. Covid-19 is new and so the knowledge is very scanty. However in this brief period, a lot of scientists and non-scientists are working very hard to unravel all the information about the epidemiology and the management of the disease. We pray Lord that you give all the breakthroughs that will help us overcome the pandemic. We specifically pray for a breakthrough in the vaccine for the disease.

Thank you Lord for those who are pumping in a lot of their funds to ensure these researches go on. Some of them, such as the Rockefeller, Ford, Bill Gates, Dangote families and foundations, are sponsoring a lot of these foundations. We pray Lord that inspite of the persecutions from those who have previously benefited from their sponsorship of medical researches in the areas of cancer, HIV/ AIDS, infertility, poliomyelitis, malaria and other infectious diseases, they will not be discouraged.

Lord, please block all the sources of rumour mongering that are confusing some of our people. Please enlighten the doubting Thomases. Some even claim Covid-19 is a scam. Please do not allow them, or someone close to them contact the disease before they believe that it exists, even in Nigeria.

Lord, please give some of our leaders the wisdom to know that their utterances can make some gullible people lose confidence in governments at various levels, and in the health professionals who are working tirelessly to manage the disease.

Continue to strengthen the various arms of government to be able to plan, educate the citizens, and execute their plans.

Thank you for the health professionals. We know that those directly involved in government and the health professionals are constantly exposed to the threats of the disease. At the close of work each day, the risks of taking the disease home is quite high. Lord please protect them and their families.

Father, thank you for making the disease less virulent in our country Nigeria, and most African countries. So far, this has saved us from the devastating effect of the disease. It has also caused a few of our people to live in denial. Lord please again, open the eyes of those living in denial to the presence of the disease, so that they take precautions not to contact the disease and become sources of community spread.

Thank you for making it possible for upto 90% of those who are positive, not to have any manifestations or very mild symptoms.

Father, please help us to adjust to the new way of behaving. Help us to remain at home more, physical distancing, handwashing, use of face masks etc.

Critically Lord, please strengthen employers to keep their employees and minimise the job losses. Please help businesses to quickly recover from the losses of the lockdown. Please open the economy again to reduce the stress on our people.

Finally Lord, remove all the fears from us, and let us know that our focus should be on your fatherly protection of us and our families, as long as we conform to the basic preventive measures.

May God bless us all In Jesus Name. Amen.

Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, CON, Former Governor of Delta State.

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