Poem of the week: The dying forest and the fallen mangroves in the Niger Delta 

Oil companies must restore Niger Delta environment before divesting - HOMEF tells FG

In the Niger Delta, day in and day out death tolls around the forest, because is it not human, no one could say anything or save them? Because we do not see blood from their veins, we kill them by our actions. Because they could not protest to the government house and in the front of the oil companies, we allowed them to die? Because their voices are not heard by us, yes, for I have seen them bleed, I have seen them fallen, as the mangrove dies while humans eat, the earth bleed, which cries and tears, man has no feelings for, but today, I have come to be their voice to save them from bleeding.

In the Niger Delta Climate change made by men has come to destroy your life into dead trees, you much know, our ploy to save the environment is now, neither oil pollution or human desires can destroy you again.

In the Niger Delta, the once greener mangrove forests are dying, gas flare dry their leaves, the trees fallen from the daily activities, photosynthesis contaminated, the soil devastated by crude, the river aquatic lives become lifeless, when all these trees die before our eyes, human too is not safe.

This once healthy mangrove forests before my parents die within days and years and open our lives to the hazard of explosure, the wind blows straight to my nostrils and all the chemicals were hale in, then my heart fail to breath.

Poem of the week: The dying forest and the fallen mangroves in the Niger Delta

Soot snag our heads like rain drop, our roofs become corosive overnight, the forest dies without remedy, we are not bothered as humans, the water rising to our roof, fishes dying in their environment, we never said anything.

In the Niger Delta, crude oil gives us small food and kill us in thousands.

Our forests and mangrove are dying, when we can’t speak for them, they can’t guard us anymore, climate change will come and do us the same thing we did to our environment.

What GbaramatuVoice see on the daily pathway to work, is fallen trees and soot our nostrils blocked with chemicals, the companies said, they are not aware to remediate the environment, the government is not bothered and our people too have join hands to kill the forest with KPOFIRES, we now have three killers.

Let live for others to live. The Niger Delta region shall experience newness and greener pasture again as we speak for truth and let the dying trees be resurrected through when we stop the act of killing them.

He who close his mouth to allow his forest to die should know that what kills the forest can come after him.

Delta is dying, our forest is bleeding, the earth is weeping, but the human eyes and ears are closed to it. Once we kill them to eat, and when they all dye today for our food, we will not see food tomorrow to eat again and what happens to them, will look for us too.

By Asiayei Enaibo

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