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WARRI- The Chairman of Kunukunuma Federated Communities, Chief Moses Bebenimibo in Gbaramatu kingdom, Warri South West local Government Area, Delta State  has raised an alarm over the maintenance of  a pipeline platform that was vandalized by the unknown vandals  without the inclusion of the community.

Chief Bebenimibo alleged that the Nigerian Government has directed the  Melcurt Nigeria Limited (MNLC)  to commence the maintenance work of the Nigerian Gas Company pipeline that was recently destroyed at Ubefan creek in  Gbaramatu Kingdom with huge military presence escorting the badges, tugboats loaded with equipments and personnel  heading for the repairs of the facility today.

The Chairman frowns heavily on the present development as his community that is hosting the Oil platform is not notified, nor carried along neither  included in the rebuilding of the facility that he is hosting.

He further accused the Federal Government of being interested only on the Oil that flows in the communities and not the well being of the people, ” they are good in using the military to always intimidate and subdue us in matters that affects us as a people from this end “.

The Chairman also slammed  the Federal Government that there is massive Oil spill under his watch and no reasonable and responsible  statement have been made to clean up these communities in other to minimize the effect of the spill in the areas of aquatic and environmental disaster that the people are facing. How can we not be included in the scheme of things when there are alot to discuss with the Government and the Company concerning our fate as a people?  He wonders.

Chief Moses calls on the Federal Government and the Melcurt Nigeria Limited Company to have a rethink of their present approach and embrace an all inclusive platform, he queried.

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