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PIA: HOSCON rejects Niger Delta governors move to appoint trustees for Host Communities Trust Fund

The Host Communities of Nigeria, Producing Oil and Gas (Hoscon), has rejected the decision of South-South governors to appoint trustees for the Host Communities Trust Commission.

The governors had indicated interest to appoint trustees for the Commission, directly responsible for the development of oil and gas communities.

In a chat with newsmen at the weekend, the National Chairman of Hoscon, Dr Mike Emuh, said that the state governors were not supposed to do the appointment.

He said: “The PIA is made up of three broad spectrums, namely the law that guides the government, the law that guides the oil companies and the law that guides the host communities.

“The governors cannot decide for the host communities. 13 per cent Derivation Fund was provided for in the 1999 Constitution as amended. Section 162(2) made it compulsory that the 13 per cent Derivation Fund is for the host communities as a result of their loss of fishing rights and farming rights.

“But the governors are the ones enjoying it till today. They hijacked it from the host communities.

“These people (governors) have misappropriated over N44 trillion so far. They still want to hijack the three per cent of the Host Communities Trust Fund in the PIA again.

“Three per cent Trust Fund is an issue that has to do with the entire oil-producing communities of the Niger Delta. It does not have anything to do with governors.”

He added: “I want to say that whatever meeting the governors held, our destiny is not in their hands. We have been suffering in their hands.

“They are the problems we have been having in the Niger Delta. Thank God for President Muhammadu Buhari who has brought to an end the crisis that was in the Niger Delta in terms of pipeline vandalism, in terms of illegal refineries and stealing of crude oil.

“Today, these things have been minimised. So, the governors should not come to look for the trouble of the host communities.

“I want to say that they have the right to express their will but we will allow the provision of the law for the implementation.

“The law made it very compulsory that the host communities will carry out the nomination of the people to control the three per cent in the Host Communities Trust Fund Commission.

“It is called Host Communities Trust Fund Commission in the PIA, not Governors Trust Fund Commission.”

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