PHOTOS: Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha hosts Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom

His Royal Majesty, Elder (Capt.) King Joseph I. Timiyan JP, received the Pere of Gbaramatu, His Royal Majesty, Oboro-Gbaraun II, Aketekpe, Agadagba, at his private residence in Warri, Delta State on Wednesday.

The monarch was accompanied by other respected Ijaw traditional rulers that included His Majesties, Pere of Tubutoru (Ondo State); Agadagba of Gbaraun (Bayelsa State); Pere of Okomu (Edo state); Pere of Olodiama (Edo state) and Pere of Iduwini kingdoms and prominent Chiefs from Gbaramatu kingdom and others.

Here are some picturesque:

The Traditional rulers in a group photograph

Chief Kestin Pondi, Chief Dennis Otuaro and Chief Komieyefa Uduboh, paying homage to the traditional rulers.

Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom and Pere of Olodiama kingdom in Edo state, arriving the venue.

Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha kingdom

Pere of Gbaramatu kingdom

Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha in a warm handshake with Agadagba of Gbaraun kingdom, Bayelsa state.

HRM, Pere of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri kingdom

Pere of Iduwini kingdom (Bayelsa state) with Pere of Okomu kingdom (Edo state), during the visit.

Chief Clark Gbenewei, Tubainghawei of Gbaramatu kingdom with Chief P.T. Heaven.

Chief Kestin Pondi, Ibe-benemowei of Gbaramatu kingdom with Chief Komieyefa Uduboh, Miyenkirigbolomowei of Gbaramatu kingdom

Chief Dennis Otuaro, Ibe-uyadonwei of Gbaramatu kingdom with Chief Anthony Ayebibode.

Chief Steve Okunwazei, Kereyedimiyenwei of Ogulagha kingdom, entertaining guests.

Chiefs from Ogulagha kingdom paying homage to the traditional rulers

Chief Julius Tonfawei, Chief Fezigha Odu with Chief Matthew Pudie

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