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Photography Became My Inspiration After My Boyfriend Dumped Me-Ijaw Lady Photographer


Different strokes for different folks, like they say. A pathetic situation that would have knocked out the winds out of many people’s sails, especially women, was surprisingly, the impetus that propelled a successful, hardworking Ijaw professional photo whizkid towards the rocky terrain of photography.

Meet an unusual lady, Miss Douye Mercy, the CEO/Founder of Librafotography and Films. The young Ijaw woman who hails from the Ese Odo Local Government Area of Ondo state, was born sometime in the 80’s, the first of a family of four children. She had her secondary school education at Ikeja High School, Ikeja, Lagos and Asewele Community High School, Ore, Ondo state, respectively.

The computer/mathematics graduate of Federal College of Education (Tech) Akoka,Yaba, Lagos, who has brushed aside a heart break from a hurtful relationship, spoke with GbaramatuVoice about the situation (when her boyfriend dumped her) that steered her towards her present station in life.

How was life growing up in a large family?

Growing up was filled with lots of experiences; the good, bad and ugly side of life. As the first child among four, I had to be a role model to my siblings. My parents, especially my father was a disciplinarian and this guided me as I grew up.

As a Photographer, what are your expectations and targets in life?

I am a Photo Artist and I specialize in Event and Documentary Photography. I want a world in which everybody has the opportunity to tell their own story with pictures of their experiences in the past.

I also like to work in partnership with organisations, like NGOs and individuals. Because photography is an art that allows people to express the beauty behind every good, bad and ugly moments of life and also brings out the beauty of one’s emotion and remembrance of every great moment with loved ones.

Mercy Douye, Documentary Photographer

How did you come about Libra?

(Smiles) The name Libra was from my zodiac sign. I am an October 10 celebrant.

What inspired you to photography?

(Smiles) Anything can inspire in life, provided my body and soul get connected. But on my journey into Photography, it was a negative experience of heart break that inspired me.

Some years ago, I was in a relationship that was supposed to lead to the aisle. It was a dreamy relationship that I did not believe could end up in a heart break, because I was so deeply committed. I staked all my hope on the relationship. Suddenly the guy started acting strange; all of a sudden, he started seeing me as not good looking anymore. He started heaping insults on me and gave different excuses at times. My calls did not matter anymore, and that year, I cried, cried and cried, to the extent that I was even losing weight. On my own, I visualized myself, taking a picture of myself in tears and doing some sketch of my moods. I remember, he called after some months to apologise and told me how he got a lady pregnant.

My last relationship was funny and dramatic. It was a true definition of photography, maybe because I am an emotional person; the more dramatic it was the more I get the picture of photography.

I was opportune to have work in a movie industry, the environment and the way the ladies handled camera made me fall in love with photography.

I told my boyfriend my intention to learn photography, but his response wasn’t encouraging. It weighed me down. Who could ever imagine my boyfriend will say such horrible words to me? Though his words were hash and hurtful, but it didn’t stop me because my mind has been made up; it’s either photography or nothing else.

Who are your role models?

First, my siblings because, they’re true definition of Photography. Sometimes their weird attitudes and actions gave you moments to write stories about. Then there is TY Bello, Shola Animasaun, Oprah Winfrey, to mention but few.

What’s your most memorable moment?

The day my mother passed on.

What’s your dressing style?

I love casual wears, provided I feel comfortable and decent in them.

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