Philanthropy in Action: Ojogun and Ogida Give Back to Gbaramatu Communities

On October 11th, 2023, Chief Jeffrey Ojogun and Engr. Jimmy Ogida, CEOs of Jeffojo Nigeria Limited and Jimco Global Concepts Limited, embarked on a remarkable journey with the launch of the “J&J Project” at the heart of Gbaramatu Kingdom in Delta State. This philanthropic endeavor symbolizes their unwavering commitment to community development, with a profound emphasis on improving the lives of students and teachers.

They distributed essential educational materials, including textbooks, notebooks, writing instruments, and school uniforms.

Give Back to the People: A Mission of the Heart

Chief Jeffrey Ojogun and Engr. Jimmy Ogida, both hailing from Benikrukru, Kenyangbene, and Kokodiagbene, have their roots deeply intertwined with their communities. Their mission, to “Give Back to the People,” reflects their unwavering commitment to these regions and their understanding of the transformative power of education.

Chief Jeffrey Ojogun and Engr. Jimmy Ogida distributing educational materials to eager students

Chief Ojogun said, “We are from Benikrukru, Kenyangbene, and Kokodiagbene precisely. We hail from these places. This project is tagged ‘Give Back to the People.’ We have been giving to people, but this one is for our people. We give back to encourage them and let them know we are still with them.”

A Network of Support: The Milk Educational Foundation’s Reception

Their visit to the Milk Educational Foundation in Benikrukru was met with warm enthusiasm, where they provided educational materials and financial support that resonated deeply with educators and students alike. The head teacher, Mrs. Eloho, expressed her gratitude for their contributions and prayed for God’s blessings.

Bright young minds proudly display their new textbooks

Expanding the Horizon – The Impact on Oboro Primary School

The commitment of the “J&J Project” extended to Oboro Primary School, Benikrukru, where teachers and students received resources and financial support, eliciting profound appreciation. This dedication also reached Ebiabu Primary School, Kokodiagbene, where materials, uniforms, and financial aid enriched the learning environment.

Kenyangbene’s Joyous Welcome

The zenith of their journey was Kenyangbene Primary School, where a jubilant welcome awaited. Here, the “J&J Project” provided educational materials and financial support to teachers, extended its generosity by presenting study materials and financial support to teachers. Furthermore, a commitment was made to provide school uniforms for a hundred pupils, and the efforts of community executives were recognized and appreciated.

Chief Ojogun distributing books to pupils.

Chief Jeffrey, overwhelmed by the warm welcome, explained, “They shouldn’t hesitate to see us, talk to us, or ask from us what they also want. That’s the meaning of all this.”

Beyond Educational Materials: Illuminating Communities with Streetlights

The “J&J Project” embarked on an ambitious initiative to install over 40 solar streetlights in Benikrukru, valued at over NGN30 million. This project demonstrates Chief Jeffrey and Engr. Jimmy’s unwavering commitment to community enhancement, aiming to provide safety and convenience to the community residents.

Chief Jeffrey explained, “The project is a two-in-one project: the installation of over 40 solar street lights in Benikrukru community and the distribution of these study materials. The street lights were installed and commissioned by the Former Governor of Delta State, Sen. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa sometime last year.”

A Call to Action

Engr. Jimmy Ogida called upon the sons and daughters of Kenyangbene and Benikrukru Communities to follow the philanthropic project’s example. They were encouraged to contribute to community development and foster a conducive environment for learning.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Hope

The “J&J Project,” led by Chief Jeffrey Ojogun and Engr. Jimmy Ogida, stands as a resounding testament to the immense impact philanthropic leaders can have on their communities.

By Enaibo Asiayei & Joel God’sgift Fiafiawei

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