Reactions have continued to trail the establishment of Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper across the globe as our followers writes from different parts of the World and from the various states across the Nigerian State.


Bellow are comments and people’s reactions to the Newspaper.


“Gbaramatu Voice as a media outfit is becoming a voice of the Niger Delta struggle at a time the struggle needs indigenous voice. Its birth complements what Radio Biafra is to the MASSOB and IPOB separatists struggle as well as the Yoruba media to the South West leaders intellectual struggle for democratic freedom. Gbaramatu Voice is synonymous with our struggle for self-determination and resource control, and today being the official launch of its website has redefined our collective struggle for emancipation. May God richly bless the initiators of this dream”.


Barr. Alaowei Cleric , wrote from Warri, Delta State


“I am well-pleased with Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper. Because the media outlet has given a true voice to the people. I must affirm that Gbaramatu Voice has given many people the capacity to share ideas, opinions and disseminate vital information towards the Niger Delta struggle at this critical time. I frankly recount it as a remodel of voicing the aphonic and marginalised”.


Comrade Clement Iyebo, wrote from the United States of America (USA).


“Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper is a  practical demonstration of  a platform for the subaltanistic Ijaws and indeed Niger Delta to renegotiate our existence and survival through the democratic speaking space. I must profess that this tabloid is going beyond its model. It has successfully created a speaking space for the violated and ruthlessly raped and disjointed people of our region. I simply describe it as a paradigm of voicing the voiceless voices of the voiceless Niger Deltans”.


Comr. Binebai Yerin Princewill,  wrote from Burutu, Delta State.


“We cannot over emphasize the importance of Gbaramatu Voice in re-echoing and giving voice to the voiceless on the agitation for development of the region.. Gbaramatu voice has come to stay, it’s appearance was timely and wise to educate and inform the general public on the real situation of things in the Niger Delta. Thank God for the Editor in Chief and the distinguished crew”.


Comr. Sheriff Mulade, Coordinator, Centre for Peace & Environmental Justice, wrote from Kokodiagbene, Delta State.


“Gbaramatu voice newspaper is not only the voice of gbaramatu kingdom, but also the voice of ijaw nation as it has filled the vacuum left by other ijawoid media platforms and led in a commanding role telling the world our story our way. Bishop Jakes, u have really done well. This is just the beginning of better days ahead…keep the sail on brother.”


Fred Ubebe, wrote from Gbaramatu Kingdom.


“I am proud of Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper. This voice will soon transform as the most effective indigenous Newspaper in the Niger Delta. Congratulations”


Fred_Brisibe, wrote from Warri, Delta


“Oh Yessssssss, Gbaramatu voice Newspaper has waken me up from my sleep to see and know the true struggle of our region. I and my team will continue to support and liaise with you to fight for our right. More knowledge, wisdom, understanding and strength to the leadership and the entire management of Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper.”


Hon. Ogidi Ben Bara aka OBB National President Niger Delta People’s Congress NDPC, wrote from Bayelsa State


“Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper is that platform timeously created for the reawakening of the minds and consciousness of the  people through propagation, articulation and dissemination of information by the criminally marginalised minorities from the Niger Delta,particularly the Ijaws that bears the brunt of  hardship and neglect in the Nigerian state.”


EBI BRISIBE, Deputy Executive Director Environmental Monitors (EM), wrote from Bayelsa State.


“To be candid, Gbaramatu Voice is one of the best thing that has happened to Gbaramatu, and to Niger Delta, and to the entire Ijaw Nation. It is very timely we have this ,and it’s been very useful. It is very very educative and informative. I sincerely commend the effort of the initiator and editor in chief, of the paper. Sincerely speaking no paper as far as I’m concerned have assumed such speed. It is a highly commendable fit”.


Bishop Felix Piniki, wrote from Warri, Delta. State.


“In contemporary times, the importance of publicity in  daily affairs as to issues that affect mankind expecially those affecting the local people cannot be overstressed. The Ijaw nation has been in dire need of a media house that will best publicise the pertinent issues affecting the people of the Ijaw nation and the world over.”


“The Niger Delta is today faced with agitative issues bordering on the welfare, well being, resource control as well as the Right to Self determination as recognised under the United Nations Charter. In the contemporary Nigerian political system where ethno-religious and regional sentiments have overshadowed  even the media sector, the establishment of Gbaramatu Voice newspaper is indeed a timely development.”


“Categorically, it is a newspaper with a penetrating reach, to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria which is today complemented by the most sophisticated global readership. The Editor general has exhibited a high level of professionalism as within the few months of its establishment, it has covered a huge vacuum in our struggle.”


Ekpemupolo Frank, IYC Gbaramatu Clan Rep, wrote from Gbaramatu kingdom

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