By Asiayei Enaibo

Music and dance intertwine in the soul of mankind, harmonizing our spirits and casting aside the burdens of our transient worries. They form an undying culture, living side by side with humans. When music and dance fade, our world dissipates like the tantalizing wind among the forest trees, where even the trees dance to the unheard songs of nature.

OZIGIZAGA, a title bestowed upon a prominent young man in Ijaw Nation—Chief Promise Lawuru. He traces his roots to Ogbinbiri community in Egbema kingdom, the largest Ijaw clan recorded in oral and written history. Chief Promise Lawuru serves as the President of Egbema Brotherhood, a socio-cultural organization fostering unity and synergy for communal development—engaged in non-profit initiatives investing in education, health, and community welfare.

Ozigizaga commences with a subtle metaphor, captivating the mind with profound thoughts that lead us into a season of creative innovation. It introduces a dance that mirrors the beauty of a peacock.

In the coastal regions of the Niger Delta, the Ijaw people have undergone transformative dynamics in all aspects of life. Their cultural expressions, language, music, festivals, occupations, food, and dance set them apart. When an Ijaw individual dances to good music, confidence radiates—a profound style etched in the mind.

Ozidizaga is a dance that connects us to our cultural values. Intriguing, bodybuilding, and inspiring, it balances and sharpens our solar pelvis as the body vibrates to the rhythm. This dance is a “dance of unity,” symbolizing the shoulders heaving up, evoking thoughts of unity—an expression of our existence as one indivisible people in culture, language, and dance.

Music is an integral part of the human spirit, elevating the soul to ecstasy. Dancing, magnetized by music, brings about fair attitudes and attractive movements, akin to a new hope. Dr. Ezonebi Alfred, the artist, could not have anticipated the impact of his song, turning it into a cultural phenomenon—a new opium for the soul.

In the dynamic evolution of human culture within the rich Ijaw heritage, musicians have introduced unique dance steps. The Ozigizaga dance is a testament to this evolution, following in the footsteps of the Owigiri dance and the Wabu dance. It showcases the waist movements of Ijaw women, enticing thoughts of romantic allure. Ozigizaga has become a seasonal creation, introducing a new dancing style, beautifully adorned women resembling peacocks.

This dance, originating from the Ijaw people, has gained fame and brought attention to Chief Promise Lawuru’s attributes. The recent GbaramatuVoice Ozigizaga Dance Challenge has elevated the dance into global recognition, with Chief Promise Lawuru gaining prominence as a young, influential leader from the Niger Delta region.

Ozigizaga has become an opium, intoxicating the soul, body, and mind. Parents and children alike discard their worries through the dance. The Ijaw land and the Niger Delta region have embraced Ozigizaga as Chief Promise Lawuru’s influence transcends political boundaries.

As the world anticipates Ozigizaga fabrics and fashion, with breast-tubes resembling peacocks, the dance continues to captivate hearts.

Asiayei Enaibo
Writes from GbaramatuVoice International

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