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OTUARO @50: Deputy Governor’s aide, group donates to orphanage, new-born babies, health facilities in Warri

The Senior Special Assistant on Media to the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Evang. (Mrs) Dorris Warri Aboh alongside her group, Successful Christian Global Outreach” on Monday, visited and donated gift items to some health facilities in the city, which included an orphanage, and  the Warri and Ekpan General Hospitals, all in Delta State.

The visit by Evang. (Mrs) Dorris Warri Aboh, the founder and her group, which was founded exactly a year ago,  paid a visit to the “Heart of Delta Children’s Home”, which happens to be an orphanage home located on refinery road, Warri, in honour of the Deputy Governor of Delta State,  Barr. (Deacon) Kingsley Otuaro who happens to be the grand patron of the group.

Evang. (Mrs) Doris Warri Aboh, in a group photograph with members of Successful Christian Global Outreach, during their visit to Orphanage Home, Ekpan and Warri General Hospitals in Warri, Delta State.

The group as a way of celebrating his birthday and its one year anniversary, decided to give back to the needy in the society.

“Heart of Delta Children’s Home” was the first point of call for the group.  There, they gave out many gift items ranging from bags of rice to garri, Indomie noodles, eggs, tomatoes, cakes and other gift items.

The resident-children, who were present during the visit, were happy with the juicy gifts. They sang and danced to show appreciation to the group and the celebrant for their philanthropic gesture.

The matron of the home, Mrs Adu, expressed joy at the gesture of the group by putting smiles on the faces of the children.

Evang. (Mrs) Doris Warri Aboh, in a group photograph with members of Successful Christian Global Outreach, during their visit to Orphanage Honme, Ekpan and Warri General Hospitals.

She further extended her gratitude to the Deputy Governor, Delta State for remembering to celebrate with them as he celebrates his 50th birthday.

After bidding farewell to the children of the “Heart of Delta Children’s Home”, the group moved to the General Hospital, Warri, and also donated gift items to babies who were born on the birthday of the Deputy Governor. Items which included baby pampers, clothes, sanitary pads, and cash amongst others, were given to the mothers to help support them and their babies.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Vivan Ighalo who had a baby girl said she was happy that her daughter shares the same birthday with the celebrant, while also expressing gratitude for the gifts.  She wishes both the Deputy Governor and her daughter well, on their birthday.

Evang. (Mrs) Doris Warri Aboh, with a new born baby at Ekpan General Hospital

The group later moved to the General Hospital, Ekpan in Warri, where they also donated items to babies who share the same birthday with the Deputy Governor.

One Mrs Cynthia Ofubu Akpofure, who gave birth to the only baby boy that day, said she gave adoration and thanks to God; “I didn’t actually expect it to happen today, but to God be the glory, I am so happy”. She said.

When newsmen spoke with the founder of the group, Evang. Darris Abi Aboh, on the mission of the group.

She said “I am the founder of this outreach, the Successful Christian Global Outreach. This outreach was founded on April 16, 2017 and today marks its one year of existence.

”It coincided with the birthday  of our grand patron, His Excellency (Deacon) Kingsley Burutu Otuaro the Deputy Governor of Delta State who by the special grace of God turned 50  today (yesterday)”.

“This outreach is founded upon the Biblical mandate of God, as espoused in Isaiah 61 Chapters 4 from verse 1, where the word of God said; ”My spirit is upon you to go out to preach to the meek, proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and so on”. We are family here and our main goal vision is saying ”No” to divorce and broken homes.

“The incidence of broken homes and divorce is on the rise in our society today and God in his infinite wisdom as a privilege, chose me to lead a group like this, campaigning against divorce.

“This is because most cases why women and men divorce are because of domestic violence and maybe lack of care and funds. So we put all of that together and decided to come up with this and ever since we started, it has been one wonderful testimony after the other”.

Continues, she extolled the virtues of her boss, the celebrant; “Today (yesterday), we decided to pay honour to our grand patron, who is someone who loves the vision and so has partnered with us and has been so supportive in prayer, funds.  He has always been there for us. So we decided to honour him today as he turns 50, which also coincide with our one year anniversary”.

On the visits to the Children and health facilities, she simply said; “we came to pay visit to the Heart of Delta Children Home, giving back to the society in honor of our grand patron, the Deputy Governor of Delta State, who has turned 50 today (yesterday).

However, she narrated the Biblical injunction that gave direction to the group’s mission; ”We are here to celebrate with the children, because the Bible made us to understand that he that giveth to the privileged, (allow me to use that word) give unto God and that is why, we are here and because His Excellency happens to be a manifestation of love, an epitome of humility, a man that has humanity at heart, and a philanthropist -per -excellence. So with all of these, there is no other way to celebrate him, because the Bible says; ”God in his infinite wisdom said that gold and the silver belongs to me”, so what do you give to God?.

“His Excellency is a man that is not just rich, but by the special grace of God he is not under-privileged, so we don’t have gold to give to him, we don’t have any other thing to give to him, what we feel, we can use to honour him is when we give out to the under- privileged in the society, because that is his main focus, his main vision, is what drives his personality and his characteristics as a man that has a broad heart of love”.

When asked about the group’s activities, especially with philanthropy, she said “since we started over a year now, we have been visiting orphanage homes, homes of privileged children. This is our second outing here at the Heart of Delta. We have been here before on the World Orphans Day, we came, paid a visit and we donated some items which, we had with us then and by the special grace of God we are here again. But today we are not doing it for the outreach, but in honor of our grand patron, the Deputy Governor of Delta State”.

By Shina Badmus & Enaibo Asiayei

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