Things are happening so fast that the traditional headquarters of Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, Oporoza has taken a whole new look as the town incontestably look like little London.

The beauty of the community appears more glittering at night when the colourfully placed lights adds more beauty to the entire arena.

The decoration of the mini royal stadia is truly a sight to behold as the superlative decoration work of KFT Uduboh is largely felt, it is indeed a royal decoration.

The atmosphere of the community is so calm as it is currently witnessing the massive entrance of dignitaries that have been steadily thronging the town.

The movement of people within the community from virtually all areas is one that have made it socially more admirable, the socioeconomic life of the community is booming as everyone is in a frenzy.

The buildings seen within the premises of the royal palace are truly wonders that will make one continue to wonder and wonder on how such high taste of structures where able to stand in a riverine community like Oporoza in Gbaramatu Kingdom. From the guest houses, the royal stadia, visitors royal palace down to the unbelievable mansion of the Pere of the Kingdom with the host of so many structures.

As at the moment, a lot of royal fathers drawn across Niger Delta have already arrived Oporoza with more to come tomorrow, a point must be made known that many political dignitaries are also in town.

The ancient Egbelegbele magnificent cultural dance troupe of Ammasoma in Bayelsa state are currently on their reversal as they prepares to entertain the expected thick thank audience tomorrow. According to one of the dancers, in her words ” We are ready for a showdown tomorrow, we will bring out the best in us “

Other very interesting historic features are the decoration of regatta boats representing each autonomous community that make up Gbaramatu Kingdom.

These boats representing each communities in the Kingdom are expected to display tomorrow in the waterfront of Oporoza by way of exhibiting the rich cultural heritage of the Gbaramatu Kingdom.

More reports will be coming live from the venue, stay tuned tomorrow for more updates from the moment they occur.

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