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Ondo Amnesty: Repentant Militants Accuse Government Of Short-Changing Members

…warns Ondo Deputy Governor; ”don’t take us for granted”

…leader says, he has borrowed N17m to maintain boys

Some repentant militants who were alleged to have staged the daring kidnap of the six senior secondary school students of Lagos model college, Igbonla, Epe in Lagos state and also the Arepo pipeline vandalIzation, under the leadership of Gen. Ogailo Iborry, Young Ossy a.k.a Babawere 2 (king of mad people) have warned the Federal Government and the Ondo state government to stop playing politics with the Ondo State Amnesty Program and pay them their dues, as agreed by all the parties before their recent disarming exercise.

In a statement released by the spokesman of the group, General Gbade Maka quoted General Ogailo Iborry, as saying that he and his ”boys”, after an exhaustive peace talk with the state and Federal Governments, had surrendered some arms which included a browning WZ machine gun, Daewoo K3, Colt automatic riffles, a general purpose machine gun, Breda 30, Fiat Revelli modeling, AK 47 riffles, a Rocket launcher, CETME Ameli, Heckler % Koch mG4, pump action rifles and some automatic cartridges.

Others weapons submitted for the disarming exercise also include military uniforms, police bullet proof vests, dynamites, grenades, bombs and helmets.

The group is calling on the Amnesty International, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal government and other relevant authorities to as a matter of urgency; wade into the matter, as it claimed that nothing has been done since the group gave up their weapons as agreed with the Government.

The statement explained what has transpired between the group and the government representatives; ”Our agreement with the government was that after the disarmament, process, we would be granted amnesty with its attendant monthly entitlement and a contract for the security of the waterways  of Ondo state area,  but up till now none of this has been fulfilled by the government.

”I am the leader of the eight Generals that dropped arms with our 4500 boys.I have borrowed over N17,000,000.00 ( seventeen million Naira) to survive with this boys after our arms were taken and it has not been easy for me.

The ex-militant expalined how his group has been shortchanged by the main actor in the Amnesty exercise and warned him of the dire consequences of taking his group for granted.

 ”Even the approved 4500 slots approved for us for the Amnesty program, is been politicized by the Deputy Governor of Ondo state and the chairman of the state amnesty committee, Chief Agboola Ajayi who claimed he was given only 250 out of the approved and agreed 4500 slots.

”I was even chased out of his office together with the eight Generals.

”However, I want to remind him (Agboola Ajayi) of the oath
he took with us invoking the name of Egbesu (our God)and Oborowe (his community God) inside the first Baptist church, Ajapa, ondo state.

 ”I also want to warn the  government about the consequences and stop taking us for granted”.

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