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Ondo Amnesty Programme: Akeredolu gets 21-day ultimatum

Some ex-militants in Ondo State, who surrendered their weapons  in November, have given a 21-day ultimatum to the government to redeem its pledge of empowering them or see them in action.

They addressed reporters at Ore, Odigbo Local Government Area, decrying the “politics” being played with the amnesty programme initiated by the Federal Government.

They said the government neglected them and gave their slots to party leaders, ward chairmen and other office holders.

Their leader, ‘General’ Bowei Felix, said they would take up governments on the issue.

They vowed to go back to the creeks after 21 days.

“We are ready for any eventuality as long as we have been deceived to drop our weapons. Let the Army be on ground as we will fight with the last drop of blood for our rights, we are so determined,” they said.

The ex-militants called on governments, as well as Amnesty International, to do the needful within 21 days, by giving their members mandated slots and pay other benefits in line with the programme.

But the Commissioner for Information, Yemi Olowolabi, said the exercise was in phases, stressing that the second phase will come up this week.

He noted that majority of those clamouring for empowerment may not really be ex-militants, who surrendered.

By Abai Francis

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