Dear Governor Okowa, please where is the promised Warri/Uvwie and Environs Development Agency?

By Gbaramatu Voice Editorial Board

At a time when there where so much noise and chanting about prosperity for all Deltans slogan was preached to all nook and cranny of the State, many thought the Messiah that the people have been waiting for has arrived earlier than they had imagined.

The reign of His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa as Governor of Delta State have seemingly brought nothing close to prosperity but a society totally detached from the rule of law where the hitherto precious human lives matters not.

The government cannot claim not to be aware of how Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja communities both in Delta State have been reduced to a theatre of war, the broaday light wielding and brandishing of guns is gradually becoming an acceptable phenomenon and the jungle justice that is taking place in these places.

It is unfortunate that Delta grapples with a leadership that does not care about its citizens, the many beheading of his subjects do not mean anything to the government as he pays less concern to all the activities that is taking place.

Delta State is regrettably back to the ancient era where there was no government to preside over the affairs of men and as such citizens continue to engage themselves in all sorts of deadly activities.

Delta state is not an animal kingdom, if there is truly any government instituted to take care of the people, where is the government when bullets are on a daily basis renting the sky with security agents doing nothing about it?

Where are the leaders when people are dying on a daily basis before our very eyes, where is the government when communities boast of attacking one another, where is the government and the security operatives when civilians will disguise as military men by using the military uniforms to carry out attack, where is the Government when lives and properties are not secured in these places as the people continue to live in perpetual fear of one attack or the other, what does it really cost to really address this issue?

A point we don’t seems to get is whether the present government have become a vampire republic that enjoys the wastage of human lives as they freely feeds on the bloods. All these cannot happen in a real society that is governed by men. We begin to wonder on what benefit is to accrue to the government by turning these communities against themselves without any serious commitments of halting the crises.

If previous government have been taming this crisis, what actually went wrong that Okowa cannot maintain same, is it that he do not have the administrative knowledge to forestall the crises?

What do Deltans do to a government that have failed his promise? The governor himself have promised to turn the military against any community that first staged any attack on the other, what has suddenly happened to that decision, or was he expecting the other way round?

The failure of the governor to execute his earlier decision means that he is enjoying the many atrocious activities. More worrisome was the way and manner with which the governor is surrounded by questionable characters that have been openly displayed partiality in whatever supposed peace process.

If truly there is the political will to bring this reincarnating crises to a halt, the governor should be wary of characters that would bring bad image to his government, such persons have to be identified and be excluded from any peace process, especially from the government angle, the disputed land should be used immediately by the government without any intention of undoing the other, the government must explore all form of sincerity in addressing this lingering crises.

The government must not deal with the matter based on preconceived ideas, whenever any decision is being reached by the government, the governor must learn to stand by it to the latter without fear or favour.

The government must begin to be more proactive by taking measures to stabilise the polity, it should begin to prioritize this crisis with all purpose of sincerity and more seriousness, it should also have regard to human lives.

With all these done, we believe the issue of this reincarnating crises will be largely brought under control where normalcy would return to the volatile communities.

Delta State must not be turned to a theatre of war, if not properly handled it has all the ingredients, colouration and capacity of becoming a full blown ethnic war.

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