Okowa and conspiracy

By Prince Abugo

IN Delta the tripod of traitors, sycophants and irredentist tribalists are never satisfied no matter the goodwill or generosity showered on them. They cling on any straw to vent their venom of greed and avarice pulling down opponents and desecrating everything society values. They also urinate on family shrines and defecate on community drinking streams in the process they unknowingly consume themselves in their mischievous deeds. While Okowa is working there are some collegiate vandals who claim loyalty by day and are moles at night are moles. Such is common as 2019 approaches.

Delta is in murky waters of dirty politics instigated by tribalists, sectional irredentists, ethnic harbingers, who promote disunity in place of collectivity, division in place of unity, sectionalism in place of accommodation and incompetence in place of competence. Our diversity is deliberately castrated on greedy altars. Okowa is judged not on performance or achievements but on where he comes from and why that section cannot rule the state again. We now have proper Delta and adopted Delta.

This is not how to build a virile state. We must use politics to develop society. We must use our diversity as comparative advantage to promote wealth and understanding and entrench brotherhood sustained by service without bitterness. It’s unfortunate that those who lack pedigree prefer greed to the collective prosperity of Deltans, employing sectional and tribal sentiments to divide our people to reap politically but in what ways have they advanced the fortunes of our people?

We must demand accommodation because the blood that is in the veins of the Urhobo, Ika, Ijaw, Itsekiri and Isoko, etc does not read ethnicity. We must understand that what Deltans desire is unity and good governance not tribal divisions. We need leaders who understand the dynamics of the state not tribal bigots.

Deltans must be wary of tribal goons desecrating the state in ethnic politics, we cannot be unperturbed as onlookers in the ongoing name of politics because these politicians are unproductive and we must reject their divisive tendencies. We must give each senatorial zone a voice, recognition and its identity. Delta politics is becoming treacherous like the conspiracy against President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. It’s time to rise irrespective of political affiliation, social background to claim our state. The decamping of former governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, to APC although a sad development should strengthen us rather than weaken our resolve. Okowa should see it as a call to rededication because he knows how close Uduaghan is to James Ibori. The buck stops on Okowa’s table. He owes the state a duty to steer the state from ethnic bigots dividing the state in the name of politics. He needs to create a new set of disciples as Ibori did rather than rely on set of leaders who are unreliable because no one is indispensable.

The defection of Uduaghan is shielded in theories of conspiracy. These conspiracies have nothing to do with performance because Okowa has done excellently well. It has nothing to do with competence because Okowa has shown he is eminently competent in character and learning in meeting with the yearnings and aspirations of Deltans. It is not about discrimination because as Governor he has reached out to all sections of the state.

There is nothing wrong for beneficiaries of Okowa to support his programmes rather than pursuing personal goals that promotes them above their principal. Many forget they are what they are because of Okowa. They should commit themselves to helping the less privileged supporters who dot their locality in sustaining support base. It’s a fact many political appointees despite their privileged positions are not complimenting the Okowa transformation by supporting others in ladder of progress. Okowa cannot be everywhere but Okowa can be everywhere with committed political appointees.

APC posture of capturing Delta is enveloped in conspiracy and mischief. Oshiomhole on several occasions had not hidden his desire to “capture” Delta. It began during the guber elections in Edo State between Godwin Obaseki and Pastor Iyamu and because Oshiomhole felt Okowa had a strong influence over the elections, he used vile languages unexpected from him. When he came to Owhelogho in Delta in an event organised by former SSG, Macaulay Ovuozorie to host James Ibori, he vented same sentiments in disrespect to Okowa his host on January 8, 2018. To many this was when Uduaghan left PDP.

These venoms have not abated since he became national chairman but why should Oshiomhole use words synonymous with military dictatorship like “sack”, “remove” and “capture” as if power does not belong to the people? Does he mean using federal might to torpedo peoples wish in favour of APC? He should know we are not under military dictatorship where recklessness is accommodated.

The situation in the state is rife for stasis because the opposition is carrying out threats by engaging in ethic politics and character assassination. When a citizen is discriminated on scorecard of tribe or place of birth it becomes dangerous to social cohesion, when a candidate is competent and has performed well but discriminated because of his tribe or section he comes from, it breeds hatred and this is retrogressive.

Politics of bitterness is the bane of underdevelopment. Delta is standing on a tripod and we must entrench unity above tribal divisions. Politicians must campaign on issues rather than on tribalism and sectional supremacy that entrench division, hatred and violence. We must chastise and reprimand those who embark on these and elect political leaders not on sentiments but pedigree and achievements.

The plots to “capture” Delta will be the opposition,s a waterloo.

Prince Abugo, wrote from Uzere, Delta state

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