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#OkerenkokoNotOkerenghigho Campaign Trends On Social Media Like Wildfire

A spontaneous reaction like wildfire during the harmattan period has greeted various social media platforms on the campaign tagged #OkerenkokoNotOkerenghigho recently launched by Mr. Jacob Abai.

Mr. Abai who doubles as the Publisher of GbaramatuVoice Newspaper and the Chief Executive Officer of GbaramatuVoice Television developed the hashtag to function as a vehicle of protest against the planned change of the Nigerian Maritime University from Okerenkoko to Okerenghigho. 

Mr. Jacob Abai launched the campaign on Monday, calling on users to speak up on the planned evil agenda of Itsekiri Youth Council and the Olu of Itsekiri.

Leading in this chain of support are the Ijaws across the globe, the Niger Deltans and other men and women of goodwill all over the world.

The publisher of the GbaramatuVoice which recently won the Ijaw National Newspaper of the Year Award launched the campaign in the wake of the Attorney General’s memo to the National Assembly urging the parliamentarians to change the name of the Nigerian Maritime University from Okerenkoko to Okerenghigho. 

The Malami’s memo over the Nigerian Maritime University was published in the Vanguard newspaper and other national and online media organizations.

Comr. Jacob in response to this evil development came up with this #OkerenkokoNotOkerenghigho and #NigerianMaritimeUniversityOkerenkoko which was aimed at providing a platform for the sons and daughters of Ijaw origin, Niger Deltans and all men of goodwill to voice their opinion.

Expectedly, this has since become trending in various social media platforms with many of the commentators condemning the step as taken by the AGF as well as the undeserving silence maintained by the federal government which many contributors have described as not golden but betrayal.

To the critical minds, the support structure so far received and the volume of condemnation against the ungodly move by the AGF and the Federal Government should send a warning to the appropriate authorities to immediately rescind that decision to rename or relocate the school.


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