Ogbe-Ijoh Political Rally Declarations: Questions For PDP

Ogbe-Ijoh Political Rally Declarations: Questions For PDP

Ogbe-Ijoh Political Rally Declarations: Questions For PDP

By GbaramtuVoice Editorial Board 

During the Delta State People Democratic Party (PDP) campaign rally monitored by GbaramatuVoice, on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at Ogbe-Ijoh, Headquarters of Warri South West Local Government of the state, the Newspaper listened with keen interest to some remarks by the party’s bigwigs.

To copiously quote, they said in parts:

“Warri South West is the most peaceful and secured Local Government in Nigeria” Warri South West is the economy base of Nigeria”

Question: If the above claim by the party about Warri South West Local government Area, being peaceful, secured and the economy base of Nigeria is anything to go bye, GbaramatuVoice is tempted to ask; how has the state government rewarded the local government for being peaceful and secured? What has the local government benefited for being the economic base of Nigeria?

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Still on the rally, it was claimed that: “Okowa has done very well for Warri South West Local Government Area, especially in the area of infrastructural development”

Question: Where is the evidence? Who among the commentators and PDP political jobbers can point at the locations of these infrastructures benefitted under Governor Okowa’s administration?

“I will do more for Warri South West Local Government Area”

Question: What has the state governor done before that you are promising to do more? What plan do you have for the Local Council? Be specific about it, Don’t just tell the people that you will do more. Rather, tell them in concrete terms what plan you have for the council and how you hope to achieve the plan within a time frame? It will be highly rewarding in both political and developmental terms if you clarify these gray areas.

“We’ll complete all uncompleted projects in Warri South West Local Government and Gas Revolution Industrial Park in Warri South West go be one of the major things wey we go follow when elected as Vice President.”

Question: Why did it take the state government this long to complete these projects? Why must Deltans wait for Okowa to become the nation’s Vice President before he complete projects initiated as a state governor? What if he fails, what becomes the fate of those projects? Will they join the league of abandoned projects that currently litters the state? Why did Okowa both technically and tactically avoided making comment about Ogbe Ijoh/Aladja crisis? Is it that he was lacking in political will needed to address the crisis as being speculated in some quarters?

While GbaramatuVoice considers such undeserving silence as not golden but a betrayal, there is however an urgent need for Mr. Governor and the party to kindly throw more light on these issues raised as all his earlier explanations do not in anyway add up!

Again, as answers are being awaited from the Governor, GbaramatuVoice in the interim advice PDP campaign train and its co-hurts to look for more polite lies to tell or maintain silence for it is better to keep quiet and allow people to speculate than trying to defend what is naturally not defendable and through the process, confirm the obvious.

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