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Ogbe-Ijoh/Aladja Crisis: Ogulagha kingdom rues loss of Ijawman who fought against them

…warns kinsmen over warring against fellow Ijaws

The people of Ogulagha Kingdom, in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, has regretted the death of one, Reuben Ololo, who was killed in the latest violent clash between the Oge-Ijoh and Aladja communities in Udu and Warri South Local Government Areas of the state.

In a statement signed by General Freedom Adowei, aptly titled ” The role of late Reuben Ololo and the rest of Ogulagha people”, the community speaking under the umbrella of the Concerned Indigenes of Ogulagha Kingdom, rued the demise of the late fighter, but averred that he had taken a wrong turn in his decision to pick up arms against his kinsmen.

”It has come to our notice that the death  of Mr. Reuben Ololo who has paternal roots are in Sokebolou Community, with  maternal ties with the Aladja Community, during the latest round of gun battle between Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja,  has sparked a public debate amongst Ijaws.

”Ololo,  had been variously described, as a mercenary from Sokebolou and Obotobo II Communities both in Ogulagha Kingdom of Delta State and  hence has been found to be sowing seeds of discord,  between the Ogbe-Ijoh and the Ogulagha people.

”While we condemn the act of Mr. Reuben in its entirety and are not trying to excuse his decision for carrying arm against another Ijaw man; we wish to set the records straight as to what may have informed his decision.

”It is duty bound on such active individuals with dual-tribal ties, to decide which tribe to pledge their allegiance to, same as the situation,  Reuben found himself .

It is worrisome that he choose a path that led to his end, instead of choosing the path of neutrality in the crisis between his maternal Aladja Community and his paternal tribe, Ogbe-Ijoh”.

The group noted that there are people like the late fighter that abounds in all the communities in the state, and advised them to take the honourable option of neutrality, in similar situations.

It also advised against plans by the Ogbe-Ijoh people to pick up fight against the Ogulagha Kingdom.

” It is also worthy of note that, like Reuben, there is a good percentage of Ogbe-Ijoh indigenes that are either paternally or maternally related to Aladja , but have since decided to draw the sword in defence of Ogbe-Ijoh, just like  there are  a good percentage of such Aladja warriors that are related by blood to Ogbe-Ijoh.

”That Reuben, been a Ijaw man through his paternity, still find the justification to act as he did might not be far from the fact that he is not related by blood to Ogbe-Ijoh directly, but see it as just another  Ijaw Community,  that is waging war against his maternal Aladja Community, where he resides, with his immediate family and his grandmother.

”The late Reuben who is been acclaimed as an hired mercenary from Sokebolou Community, is an indigene of Aladja community, who resided with his immediate family and his grandmother at Aladja Community; and he has no blood tie whatsoever, with Ogbe-Ijoh, hence it is therefore totally out of place for our brothers from Ogbe-Ijoh or anyone else to beat the drums of war against  Sokebolou or Ogulagha Kingdom indigenes, and  by proclaiming as willing mercenaries for the Aladja people.

”That the late Reuben, though a paternal Ijaw blood from Sokebolou Community decided, to fight against Ogbe-Ijoh Community in defense of his maternal Aladja Community,  was a personal decision, which was entirely his own to make, and it was unfortunate that, he took the path that led to his untimely death.

”We wish to conclude by calling on other Ijaw -related individuals to remain indifferent in situations like this in  future,  as the Ijaw war Gods will not spare any Ijaw person that choses to pick up arms against other Ijaws.

”Let the case of Late Reuben serve as a deterrent to any such persons; as we pray for the soul of our kinsman, to find favour in the sight of the Almighty”.


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