Nigerian online prayer platform, NSPPD, tops global chart, emerges number one

Nigerian online prayer platform, NSPPD, tops global chart, emerges number one

The Nigerian online prayer platform, “New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD)” led by Pastor Jerry Eze has emerged as the number one online prayer platform and number one “Daily Most Super Chatted Gospel Channel” in the world with a record 313,768,909 or 889,627 chats per day.

With just over 800,000 subscribers, the NSPPD platform ranked a few points below Bishop Leonardo’s channel with 11.4million subscribers.

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The prayer programme which streams daily on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Mixlr topped the global chart with a record 113,689,464 views.

According to the latest data from, the NSPPD platform grossed 7,308, 995 views in the last 30 days at an average of 87,544 views per day.

Playboard, a video analytics platform collects the data for YouTube channels worldwide to determine and announce reliable rankings.

With 10,619,436 registered channels and 626,642,389 videos, the channel analyses tens of millions of data every day.

According to a press statement from the organizers of the programme, the NSPPD platform also ranked as the second “most live viewers” gospel channel in the world and the “most watched live channel” in Nigeria leading in daily, weekly and monthly parameters.

Additionally, the NSPPD online prayer platform emerged as the most popular gospel channel in Nigeria daily.
Playboard records further indicate that the NSPPD posts about 1,158 videos or 12 per week.

Reacting to the latest ranking, Pastor Eze appreciated God for the feat achieved by the NSPPD platform within a short period.
He stated, ‘’I am shocked and I submit to the Mighty Works of God He is doing through this platform. This is definitely not me. It’s simply a Move of God. God curse the day we take this Glory. Reign King Jesus! Reign Lord.”

Nigerian online prayer platform, NSPPD, tops global chart, emerges number one
Rev. Jerry

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