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WARRI ~A former managing director of the Niger Delta Developmental Commission and a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Delta State  Pastor. P. Z Aginighan have  called on President Mohammadu Buhari to restructure Nigeria.


Aginighan made the call during an interview section with journalists shortly after the Website launch of the Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper at Okuemi hotel, Bendel estate Warri in Uvwie Local Government Council of Delta State.


Pastor P. Z welcomed the establishment of Gbaramatu Voice Website launch that with its timely emergence, the issues of the Niger Delta region and her people will no longer be underreported  as our correct stories will be purely reported.


He however, calls on President Buhari to restructure Nigeria while describing it as a long overdue process in order for the various ethnic nationalities to renegotiate the basis of the countries togetherness and moving forward. He added that the union of Nigeria was done without the consent of the ethnic nationalities that make up the Nigerian federation.


“There is a  link between the right information and development, those that are under reporting us, our situation will be countered with this Website launch definitely the correct story of our neglect, the paradox of doom in the midst of boom will be reported both nationally and globally and of course this will lead to the change of perception, change of view about our situation  and the precarious condition we find ourselves in the Nigerian State.”


“I have said it before that without controversy, Nigeria is long over due for restructuring, Nigeria must be renegotiated, the constituent units that make up this country,  I mean the ethnic nationalities not the current states, the current states are all  creations, military creations but the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria, they are the constituents not political parties , not the geopolitical zones that where created just now but the ethnic nationalities that make up the Nigerian federation must seat down together and renegotiate the basis of our moving forward

as a nation because the amalgamation as we all know was done without the consent of the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria.” Pastor Aginighan noted.

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